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Brothel Halloween Party 2014

What: Sheri’s Ranch Adult Halloween Party
When: Saturday, October 18th, starting at 8:00 PM
Where: 10551 Homestead Road Pahrump, NV 89061
Who: age 21 and over
Featuring: DJ Kass (from LAX, and PURE)
How much: $10 at the door (proceeds benefit the Pahrump Senior Center)

1st prize: $1000 cash prize for best costume!
2nd prize: 2 night stay in Sheri’s hotel, 2 dinners per night, 2 drinks per night!
3rd prize: Champagne dinner in our private formal dining room!

Ah, Halloween! The night when everyday women dress up like prostitutes, and prostitutes dress up like…sluttier versions of everyday women. Halloween is by far the sexiest Holiday of the year, and Sheri’s Ranch is the hottest place to celebrate it!

Costume party connoisseurs are ever in search of the wildest, most bizarre Halloween event. A celebration so peculiar that the occasion is forever seared into a party-goer’s memory. The Halloween party at Sheri’s Ranch, the Las Vegas area’s premier legal house of prostitution, is such an affair.

Have you ever gone to a costume party at a brothel? Imagine an incomparable gathering, where dozens of hellacious harlots join forces with mutants, monsters, and multitudinous malformed miscreants for an evening of orgiastic overindulgence!

The annual costume party at Sheri’s Ranch is the Las Vegas area’s naughtiest Halloween event, and YOU are invited. There will be drink specials all night long and FREE food. There is a $1000 prize for best costume, so wear your wildest, most unique ensemble.

For more information about this amazing annual event, call us at (866) 820-9100.


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