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    Just finished getting back from a trip to the ranch. Got to the ranch and finally met the lovely Cassie in person. Had a lovely extended conversation with this beauty. Learned how passionate she is about her love of all animals. Finished the evening with a meeting with Ivy. We made plans for our play time the next day.
    Went into Vegas the next day. Met some friends and ran some errands. On the way back, wanted to surprise the ladies with a treat. Stopped off at Round Table and got several pizzas to take back to the ranch. Gentlemen, you can never go wrong with getting pizza or chocolate for these ladies. Upon entering the bar. It was “Oh, you shouldn’t have”, “Thank you, so much” and off to the kitchen they went. I can now say I emptied a bar. Ha Ha Ha. Spent the rest of the afternoon out by the pool.
    My bungalow party with the effervescent Ivy came next. I’ll post a review under her page later.
    After my Ivy party, met up with Cassie and Allissa in the bar. They introduced me to this quiet Thai beauty sitting in the corner, the spectacular Juna. Juna is just got her headphones on, doing stuff on her phone. About an hour later she joins our conversation about the music Brittney chose for the juke box across the bar. This is when the Juna experience begins. She starts some freeform on anything we throw at her, and she is good and downright hilarious at times. If the barstools didn’t have curve backs, I would have fell over onto the floor. My cheeks have never hurt so much from laughing. She then decides, she need to do some dancing. So off to the pole she goes. Now I’m barely hanging on, so Allissa takes all of my ones, and starts the money shower.
    The last day, I take the jeep to explore Death Valley. When I get back to the bar. Join up with Allissa and Cassie again. Give up my stool so Brittney can sit next to them. Ivy and Juna stop by for visits. Meet the lithesome Suzanne, now she is a tall glass of beauty. Now after an hour or more of trying to converse while looking into some of the most mesmerizing brown eyes and the cutest dimples, it’s off to Brittney’s bedroom. Not kissing and telling here.
    When checking out of the hotel and packing up the jeep, I finally meet up with a quick visit from the sultry Destini. Oh how the fate are cruel.


    interesting review structure you have BadDog.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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