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    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the age range of couples that visit the ranch.
    My wife and I have wanted to make the trip for some time. Now that it looks possible, we are both concerned as we are in our late 40’s. We have viewed the profiles of the ladies and have narrowed down our choices. Before we get our hopes up, do you think that this would be an issue? We are really looking forward to spending a day or two of our Vegas vacation at the ranch !

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    My wife and I have been visiting Sheri’s for 4 years and age has never been an issue. We first visited for our 40th anniversary. Everyone has been so friendly and supportive. I am sure you will have the same positive experience we have had.

    Read their profiles and reviews. This will help you narrow your search to a few ladies you both would like to know more about. Send emails to those ladies to introduce yourself and what you both are interested in and when you were planning to visit. This will allow the ladies to tell you a little about what to expect from them and what they cater to. Communication is easier if you can communicate via Twitter direct message. The ladies can only receive their email while at Sheri’s, but they can monitor Twitter from home.

    Have fun, be open to trying new things, know the ladies are there to provide a memorable experience for you both, and they will always make sure the the lady in the couple is comfortable with all that happens. Sorry guys, but your companions feelings always comes first. The ladies do not want there to be any jealousy or hurt feelings.

    Hope this helps. If this is your first visit start in the bar. The hostess will ask if you have an appointment and let the lady know your there. Have a drink and get to know each other.


    This is no problem with your ages. Email or tweet the ones you like ahead of time and see if there is any chemistry between the three of you.

    Bad Boy

    My wife and I have had many, many incredible experiences at Sheri’s—and we are also in our late 40s. Please don’t let age be a factor, or even a concern. The adventure has been far better in our 40s than it would have been in our 20s. Sheri’s is every bit as wonderful as you’re imagining right now, and the ladies there are super cool. Do yourselves a favor and go have an experience that you’ll be talking about for the rest of your lives.


    Hey 🙂 Succinctly, no, your age absolutely will not be an issue — most of us tend not to get hung up on being a little younger than some of our guests.

    Hope that helps / hope you have a great experience!

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