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    Life in a brothel isn’t always nice,
    But the ladies are always sugar and spice,
    They never show how hard it can be,
    They welcome you with such glee,

    Working their butts off to earn a living,
    The whole time half their earnings to the brothel their giving,
    25% the tax man takes,
    That unfortunately are the breaks,

    Weekly health checks and their rent,
    Before they enjoy it their wages are spent,
    They only see about 15-20% of the price,
    So when negotiating a fee please be nice,

    The ladies work so hard it’s true for sure,
    They deserve of so much more,
    So men think about how you’d like to be bent over every day,
    Just to earn a shitty pay,

    These ladies are angels kind and giving,
    So don’t take advantage of what they do for a living,
    Treat them as the ladies they truly are,
    Show them at all times respect and you will go far.

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