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    So, I’m finalizing plans to come to Las Vegas (again) in November (right around my birthday🙂 ) and if everything works out, I might spend the night or two at a brothel before making my trip back to the Las Vegas strip.

    I haven’t decided which brothel I plan to visit yet but I do have a question: I know Sheri’s have a hotel on the premises. If I do decide to choose Sheri’s to stay, do I have to let management/front desk know by a certain date?

    Can I just “walk in” or do I need to give a reservation?

    *** Also, just out of curiosity. Has anyone ever been to the Erotic Heritage Museum?


    Is it close to the Las Vegas Strip, if you been there, did you enjoy it?


    hoochie coochie man

    I’m sure you can get a room on a walk-in basis if one is available, but I would recommend making the reservation. Just call the 800 number shown on this web site.


    better to reserve a room ahead of time, just call the office.


    By the way…

    If I call the office to reserve a room, will I have to put down a credit card? How will the charge appear on my credit card if it does appear (under what name will it appear on)?

    I was wondering if it’s possible to just pay with cash.

    Also, do we have a choice of either staying at the hotel room or the themed bungalows? Thanks.


    Hey, Kristi Lover,
    The office only needs to know your name and what dates you will be there. They will need your card to check you in. Upon checking out you can have them put it on your card (it does not mention Sheri’s Resorts) or you can pay cash. I’d go ahead and make a reservation. I’ve been there where the hotel rooms have been all booked and when I’m the only one there besides the ladies. The themed bungalows are for parties with the ladies only. They have themed hotel rooms that you can stay in, along with the regular hotel rooms.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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