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    I’ve been to Sheri’s once before to turn in my V-card, and I had a great time. (Don’t we all?) 😉
    I’m considering trekking back for Round 2 in a couple months.

    Last time around, I ‘just’ wanted to lose my virginity. (Don’t get me wrong, it was phenomenal! I chose the perfect woman for a first party…but, it was also very vanilla. I couldn’t have handled anything crazy then!)
    Now I feel more confident in experimenting with a couple fetishes. And now that I’ve banked enough cash, tops on my list would be experiencing a threesome with two of Sheri’s lovely ladies.

    Only problem is, I want to make sure the two women I choose have chemistry with each other and are excited to work together…so I’d like to reach out via e-mail beforehand. I just have a few questions about proper etiquette during that process.

    1: Is it OK or is it considered poor form to contact more than one lady at once?

    2: I know it’s unacceptable to talk prices via e-mail, but would it be OK to ask questions about whether she’d feel comfortable tackling certain fetishes during a (theoretical) party? I have a twisted imagination and wouldn’t want to set something up only to be disappointed if she has to decline when we meet in person because the details aren’t her cup of tea.

    3: Would it similarly be acceptable to ask her for a few names of other courtesans at Sheri’s who she’d really enjoy a threesome party with? I’d want to narrow it down to a few she’d enjoy being with, but I’m afraid asking for just one name might put me in the awkward position of having to reject if I didn’t feel the attraction on my end. (And what worse impression to make than to feel forced to shoot down a lady’s good friend?)

    Thanks everyone!



    Hi JonKnowsNothing, thought I’d give you a welcome and a reply since I went through these exact thoughts recently. Many here on the forum helped me, so I will pay it forward. One suggestion I might offer is that many of the same questions have been asked before, as I did, and just a little time spent researching the forum might save you from posting questions previously addressed.

    Question 1: Feel free to contact as many ladies that interest you. Check their schedules before emailing to make sure they’re actually at Sheri’s before you attempt contact. If they aren’t, you may mistakenly assume they’re blowing you off when you receive no reply. Truth is, they can only respond to emails when they’re actually on site.

    With a threesome in mind, I’d suggest you choose one of the two and contact her with the idea of a threesome. Ask her if the other lady you’re interested is someone she might consider for your tryst. But given you’re thinking about a visit in a “couple months”, timing is everything. The ladies’ schedules may change, your schedule or fantasy may change, the ladies’ relationships with other Courtesans within Sheri’s may change, etc.

    Question 2: You may find it difficult to discuss the “nitty gritty” of a party via email. Try to understand that even though the ladies at Sheri’s want to bring all your fantasies to life, emailing about them is virtual. Until you’re right there in front of them ready to get on that fantasy horse and ride it into orgasmic oblivion, they really won’t be able to invest too much time writing about it.

    Also, be sure and spend some time perusing each ladies’ profile. If there are certain fetishes you want served, their profiles indicate what they’re into.

    Question 3: Again, you kinda need to be there for this one. It’s easy though… When you get there, just talk to your main interest about who you’re thinking about adding to the party. She’ll either be acceptable to the idea and make it happen or will suggest others to consider. And then the fun will really begin, because you’re there and can meet them, rather than trying to establish a connection through the Internet!

    Final thoughts: I’d suggest keeping the email count low. Make enough contact to find out if you have a rapport, and then just get there and make it happen. Keep it simple, don’t over-think it. I did, and I shouldn’t have.

    Best of Luck! Good Times Ahead!

    P.S. Check out the amazingly brilliant and beautiful Tatyana’s blog post about threesome planning here:

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    Thanks for the response, Gryphon; I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

    Regarding #2, I understand not wanting to plan out the ‘nitty gritty’ details, but I think it might be wise to at least try to describe the gist of my fetish in a sentence or two via e-mail? I’d imagine it’d be less awkward to hear a “No” response to the concept of the roleplaying fetish via e-mail than to hear it in person after arranging the trip to Sheri’s.

    And I’d probably want to get both ladies ‘on board’ before arriving. I tried leaving it up to chance and fate before once and my ‘first choice’ wasn’t available when I stopped in. The lady I ended up partying with was incredible, so I’m glad it worked out that way, but this time around I’d rather walk in confidently knowing the ones I’m looking for are ready for me!


    First, I’m positive whatever you have in mind can happen, so no worries. From what I understand, Sheri’s can accommodate anything role-play-wise from cosplay to elaborate scenarios in a fantasy setting with every word and action scripted beforehand. The only limits being your imagination and bank account! Lots of the ladies’ profiles indicate Role Playing as an option. Think you’re in good shape there.

    As far as the ladies being “ready”, have no doubt, they’re ready to take you on at a moment’s notice. I haven’t met all of them by any means, but I was impressed with every woman I talked to over the two days I was there. The ten or so I met were all very sharp, creative, intelligent, and eager to please. My point being, I think it would be possible for you to make this happen even if you just popped in off the street and presented it to whoever interested you.

    But I get it, you want some reassurance this will happen with who you want before you commit to making the trip, lining it up in advance so you can walk in with everyone on board and no worries. Even though to me that seems like it should be easy, it’s really complicated. Their appointment schedules are different every day, and may change at a moment’s notice depending on walk-ins, etc. You’ve already experienced the let down of a first choice not being available when you arrived. And too much pre-party planning too far in advance could set you up for the same outcome.

    So no, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t figure out who’ll be there during your visit and then contact one that interests you with your idea. If your idea is acceptable, that may be as far as she can go with the plan though. What if the ladies she recommends to complete the threesome are ones you have no interest in? On the other hand, let’s say one she recommends is one whose pictures you like. The issues then are: Knowing if that second lady will be there during your visit, and, if she will be available when you want your party to happen. Also, do you have chemistry with lady number 2? Pictures are one thing, face to face another.

    Complicated, right? The only way I can see to avoid a letdown is to make firm appointments with both ladies. And to do that, it would likely be best to make the appointments only a few days before your arrival. But if you fail to show? …damn… One lady scorned is a very bad thing. Two?? You’d best leave the country.

    All this being said, it might be a good idea to contact Sheri’s Madam, Dena, and run this all by her. I’m sure she’d have some great advice and help you coordinate the plan.

    Sounds fun!


    Hey John, Gryph has given you some great advice above. I’ll just add to your follow up question on #2, I’d definitely give a brief 1 or 2 sentence summary of what you are looking for, just don’t write a book or the lady may not make it through it all. It can be difficult arranging time with 2 ladies too far in advance because schedules do change and things happen, assuming you are staying at the hotel on site you shouldn’t have any problem finding both ladies free at the same time at some point during your stay. The closer to your time you can plan it the better, but you’ll have to watch schedules and make sure you get your email to the ladies while they are at the ranch as well. If the ladies were able to access email away from the ranch it would make things better for everybody in this aspect, hopefully someday that will happen!



    Wanted to put in my two cents. First though, a question. During your 1st visit, did you meet either or both of the ladies with whom you’d like to have your next party? If yes, when you send her/them a description of your party idea, you should ask with whom she’s/they’ve previously enjoyed a two girl party. That way, you can 1) be rather confident about good chemistry and 2) make a short list of backup candidates in case one of the ladies is not available for some unforeseen reason.

    As far as describing your party plans to the ladies, just use a few sentences with brief clear phrases (such as role playing, teacher/student, mutual massage, e.g.) or fetish keywords describing generally what you’d like. If either lady is uncomfortable with anything you describe, you’ll surely hear from her and can make alternate arrangements. Save the fine details for the negotiation at the ranch.

    Lastly, make sure you call the ranch the day before your scheduled arrival to confirm your playmates’ presence. Doing this allowed me to make alternate arrangements on the spur of the moment and saved me the embarrassment of initially declining then re-engaging potential playmates after a lady had been called away at the last minute.

    Hope this helps.

    Amber Lynn


    1. You are more then welcome to email multiple ladies, build a rapport, and see if there is a connection there prior to your visit. Though I do not recommend emailing every single lady at the ranch, we do talk, especially if we are all getting the same repetitive email. I suggest picking a few of us sexy gals that catch your eye, and go from there!

    2. Once you have compiled a list of ladies, you can open up to us about your wildest fantasies you plan on turning into reality on your visit to the ranch. If the lady and/or ladies are receptive to your idea they will let you know, and the two of you can start brainstorming from there!

    3. After you have made a decision on the lucky lady you want to spend time with, make an appointment with her, I wouldn’t make appointments with multiple gals, because you never know if they are comfortable with each other. When your appointment has been set, ask the lady who she enjoys playing with, you can also give her a few suggestions of your own, and the two of you can narrow it down together! Depending on how wild and crazy you incision your threesome being, she can advise you on which lady would be the best fit! Chemistry is important all the way around, for the most memorable experience you want two ladies to be comfortable with one another, and enjoying playing with each other too! Another option is to make the appointment for the lady of your choosing, and when you arrive let her introduce you to a few of her sexy friends, and make the decision from that point forward!

    Regardless of what you decide you will definitely have a blast! Hope I was a bit helpful!

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