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    Just wondering how this works.

    Just turning up and trying to arrange it might be difficult if the lady has already had her dinner.

    Would it be best to see the lady earlier in the day and arrange the party to start at a certain time?
    If so how much earlier?

    Angel Parr

    You can if you would like to, come in find your girl and reserve her party for a certain time, however I have found that it really doesn’t too much matte. If we go out to a bungalow, where dinner is complimentary with your party then even if I’ve ate beforehand at the end of the party we have both used enough energy to be hungry again!


    Having dinner together as part of a party is always great way to get to know each other and bring in some more romance. Dinner is the perfect time for some great conversations.

    You have the option to meet with the lady and book everything in for a certain time but it’s not really necessary. If you have a particular lady in mind you can always email her to let her know you’d like to make dinner plans. But if you’d prefer to meet ladies once you’re here then it really should be fine.
    Many of us enjoy the opportunity to order from the bungalow menu, the food is nicer then our regular menu so it’s a bit if a treat. Plus you’ll need the energy for all the other fun you’re going to have.
    I don’t think you’ll have any problems finding a lovely lady to have a dinner date with.


    The ladies are very right? Also keep in mind if the lady is allergic to some foods but usually not a problem? Just ask your lady, it def adds to the special time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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