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    Thinking of trying something risky,
    Because I’m feeling really frisky,
    Time to see the girls at the ranch,
    Not just for a sexy lap dance,

    One girl, two, three maybe more,
    One big orgy that’s for sure,
    All the ladies I’d love to meet,
    All night long their pussy’s I’d eat,

    Line them up on a big bed,
    Between their thighs I’d place my head,
    Thinking of how good they all taste,
    Not a drop would I waste,

    Looking up into their eyes,
    As I feel the strength of their thighs,
    Gripping my head firmly in place,
    As one by one they squirt over my face,

    Giving the ranch girls so much pleasure,
    Would be easy as they are all a precious treasure,
    All my ranch ladies so beautiful and perfect,
    I have nothing for you but pure love and respect.

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