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    Although it is rarely considered or appreciated, the face down position is perhaps best for massaging the female body. This is not to imply that the front should be neglected, only that the back should be paid more attention.

    Why is the back so important? There are two primary reasons. The first is simply a design of nature. In the natural world males always approach (and join) with the female from the rear. Evolution has designed the female genitalia to be entered from the rear, as opposed to the face to face, western “missionary” position. Nerve endings of the female genitalia are genetically arranged to be most responsive from the rear. The inside of the thighs and labial lips are more sensitive to touch, when stroked from the rear (as opposed to the front).

    Some would argue that face to face intercourse is more intense and fulfilling. This may be true on a purely emotional level, even without optimizing the physiological connection. It’s simply a matter of which is more important, the mind or the body. During love making the mind is often capable of reaching significantly higher levels than the physical being.

    Another reason that massage from the back may have an advantage, is that a woman often feel more comfortable and relaxed, as her body is less exposed. The feeling of the “face down” position is conducive in fostering a sense of well being, which in turn makes it easier for the woman to “let herself go”.

    A carefully arranged and nurturing atmosphere is essential to achieving the greatest possible pleasure. Plan on at least one hour (at a very minimum) of completely undisturbed and uninterrupted time. The massage can be conducted on a reasonably firm bed; a platform design is still better. The room should be warm and draft free. A significant amount of oil (1-3 oz.) should be expended during the massage. Always keep in mind that you can never apply too much oil. Do not spare the oil, lavish it! Use only specially formulated massage oils [we use citrus scented water soluble grape-seed oil in our studio]. A wide range of scents are available, of which the most pleasing should be selected. Be sure to arrange a number of bath size towels to protect the bedding from the excess oil. Soothing music and candlelight will greatly enhance the atmosphere. Turning off the telephone is absolutely essential! Prior to the massage, it may be desirable to take a short shower, as opposed to a hot bath. A bath often tends to loosen the outermost layer of skin, which when waterlogged will shed (creating gritty particles) and interfere with the massage.

    Beginning the massage

    Instruct the receiver lay face down; her face resting either on her own crossed forearms or a flat pillow. You (the giver) will be seated on the edge of the bed or platform. The receiver’s midsection may be covered with a towel, for the purpose of warmth and modesty [depending on the depth of your relationship].

    Begin the massage by exposing the receiver’s shoulders and neck. Pour a liberal amount of oil into the palm of your hand, and rub both hands together vigorously so as to warm the hands as well as the oil. Avoid pouring the oil directly onto the skin, unless it has been previously heated. Although you are performing a sensual massage, the pressure you exert may be firm enough to have some therapeutic value. Be sure to use sufficient pressure so as not to tickle the receiver. Most particularly the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, buttocks and legs. The genital region will require the least pressure and the greatest sensitivity. The massage should be performed in a radiating manner… neck and shoulders, arms and hands, individual fingers, back, thighs, calves, feet and toes. As the receiver becomes progressively more relaxed, the towel covering her waist may be removed.

    The buttocks may now be massaged in a circular motion, followed by long vertical strokes beginning at the waist and ending at mid thigh. Each stroke moving progressively further inside the thigh, toward the labial lips. Alternately stroke the base of the crease between the buttocks, brushing along the anus (rosebud). After stroking the rosebud, allow your hand to glide down to the labia. This should be repeated in an up and down motion (from above the rosebud to the labia and back up again). Do not penetrate the anus or vagina during this phase of the massage.

    Position the receiver’s legs somewhat apart. Too wide is not necessary. Gently grasp and stroke the labial lips with your fingers. After the lubrication seeping from the receiver’s vaginal opening becomes more evident, begin to stroke the clitoral hood. If the clitoris is already exposed and swollen, begin to rub it directly, using the pads of two fingers (index and pointer). Be very careful not scratch with your fingernails! Vary the amount of stimulation to clitoris, through speed and pressure. Ask the receiver which she prefers. The answer may vary from one individual to another.

    As her level of excitement grows begin gently reach into her vagina [which should be quite open at this point] and massage sides of the vaginal opening. You may continue to stimulate the clitoris with the pad of your thumb. Or you might massage her rosebud with the pad of your thumb, while twirling the clitoris with two other fingers. Do not enter her anus unless she desires this. In which case it is recommended to use a latex glove, to be sure that there is no possibility of irritating this most sensitive area (even short and well manicured fingernails may cause discomfort). After becoming aroused some women may reflexively begin to raise their pelvis, by pulling in their knees closer to their chest. This position not only raises their rear end, but further exposes the clitoris, vaginal opening and rosebud. Caressing and stroking these magical elements simultaneously, or alternately can produce a virtually endless cycle of orgasms.

    Charina Lee

    Firefighter, I feel wonderful just reading this! Wow, what great information!
    I’m dreaming of a massage just as you describe!



    Dear Charina,
    Maybe we should have an erotically informative session on my next trip where we can exchange our secrets of intimate lovemaking techniques? Of course, this would have to be lips & hands on, in private and we’d have to be completely naked! 😉

    Charina Lee

    Ready….set….LET’S GO!!!!!And when we’re done, we’ll co-write our book of lovemaking techniques for all to make the world a happier place!

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