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    This would be my first such visit.I am happily married but I have some desire. I and my wife decided for me to visit ranch and live my fantasy with the beautiful ladies @ Ranch.
    I have physical relation with my wife only and we are happy so we do not want any std complications in married life post my visit @ Ranch.I do not want to take any risk with my health.Is Sheri 100% safe place to play? Is there any risk involved?



    Sex is questionably 100% safe under any circumstance, since absolute sexual disease prevention can’t be achieved. Sex between a man and wife that are totally monogamous throughout their entire lives and never had sex with anyone else before their marriage would be the epitome of safe sex. However, Sheri’s Ranch sex is as safe as can otherwise be encountered because every precaution is taken. Sex workers are STD tested weekly; furthermore, deep French kissing is not condoned, condoms are required for sexual activity involving the penis and dental dams are utilized for cunnilingus which complies with Nevada prostitution statutes.

    NAC 441A.800 Testing of sex workers; prohibition of certain persons from employment as sex worker.
    NAC 441A.805 Use of latex or polyurethane prophylactic required. https://www.leg.state.nv.us/NAC/NAC-441A.html#NAC441ASec800


    Thank You, firefighter. Information helps. Are Herpes and HPV part of periodic test @ Ranch as Nevada prostitution statutes does not mention about that. Is there any test for patrons to make sure that they are not having any such disease?

    Lewd Ferrigno

    Sheri’s gals protect their status as it’s their bread & butter , & like their life depended on it because it does . I don’t give a thought to catching something untreatable here , ever, & I’m paranoid about that stuff. Skanks at work or a local bar are heaps more menacing in this regard. Party hard without a care in the world Tom . And if you wanna be extremely safe, wait 2 weeks before sexytime w/wifey . Have fun


    It does not cross my mind about getting any STDs from Sheri’s

    Amber Lynn

    @Tom Sheri’s is definitely the safest, most discrete place to play and have fun! The ranch is a legal establishment, as a result protection in all aspect is required by law, and as a general rule of thumb there is to exchange of bodily fluids! So you will be in good hands when you visit!

    Angel Parr

    All of our girls are tested weekly, we require use of condoms with every activity, do not allow for any transfers of fluids, and preform a visual check for any STSD’s on every single client we party with. In all of Sheri’s ranch’s history there has never been a case of a lady testing positive for a serious STD due to actions with a client, that is because of how careful we are. It is extremely rare that one of our girls tests positive for anything at all, and on that rare occasion it is mainly because of something they did with their significant others in their personal lives. Statistically speaking, you’re more likely to catch an STD from a public toilet seat than you are to catch one from us. As long as you follow the rules given during your party you will leave here with nothing more than happy memories!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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