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    Lovely ladies everywhere,
    Of their beauty you can’t compare,
    Of theirs skills theirs nothing finer,
    Especially when doing the 69er,

    Heavenly their sweet hot taste,
    Not a drop will you want to waste,
    Any of the ladies their all so great,
    They will show you the perfect date,

    Kisses so sweet bodies like silk divine,
    How you capture these feelings of mine,
    Watching your beauty grow day by day,
    Staring into your eyes watch my heart sway,

    Without a doubt Nevada ladies are the best,
    Out of the waters they blow the rest,
    Attentive caring beauty to boot,
    They are a treasure I long to loot,

    Treat them right show them respect,
    In your time with them it will reflect,
    Lovely ladies one and all,
    Just the thought of you makes me feel 10 ft tall.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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