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    Beautiful ladies one and all,
    From a line up all your names I’d call,
    But not because I would be greedy,
    But because you all mean so much to me,

    Would be so hard to choose just one lady,
    I would pick a handful and let you have your way with me,
    To service you all I’d gladly do,
    For you are all so perfect it is true,

    A haram of angels taking sexual advantage of me,
    Oh in heaven I sure would be,
    Enjoying your beauty in touch and taste,
    Not a second would I waste,

    Every position we could do,
    I would do anything to pleasure you,
    With love and respect I’d happily be your sexual slave,
    Until the day I go smiling to my grave,

    My love for you all their is no measure,
    For you are all truly a heavenly treasure,
    In my thoughts you are constantly,
    You are all the world to me.

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