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    I can see from Google that the hotel is to the left of the ranch (when facing the ranch).

    But I’m wondering where one checks in to the hotel?
    Is it via the bar or a separate entrance?

    the 3rd degree

    This one’s easy. When you enter through the bar doors, a shift manager will welcome you. She will be the one you say you’ll be checking in to the hotel. Then, she will escort you to the office to check in. If you have luggage, a security person will accompany you to your car & help with your bags to your room.


    Willie A

    Thanks I would of drove in circles looking for hotel ent.

    Angel Parr

    lol yes, looking for the hotel entrance could’ve been annoying, and 3rd degree is completely correct, just tell the hostess your ready to check in! Sometimes the office may be busy so it could take a bit for you to get checked into the hotel, but if its going to be a long wait then typically the bartender will offer you a drink on the house while you are waiting, and you can also have us ladies come up and keep you company. Other then that the check in process is quick, simple and easy, park anywhere you would like and let us take care of the rest for you!


    The Sheri’s Hotel is in the rear of the property on the northeast side of the brothel, but guests must park in the lot on the Homestead Road side in front of the brothel. After registering in the office, it’s much easier to bring your luggage in through the appointment door to the right or south of the bar entrance. Trying to maneuver your luggage through the bar is not recommended, since it’s essentially like a dark obstacle course. Besides security has a large cart available to haul your luggage to your room.


    I’ll be checking in to the hotel tomorrow night at about 11:30. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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