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    Michelle Lai and I just had our tenth party three weeks ago. All of our parties have been in the sixties bungalow.
    No superlatives in the English dictionary are adequate enough to describe what wonderful Michelle Lai has done for me over the past four years. Her irresistible eyes and killer smile will draw you into her den. But, her intuitive nature, sensuality, and wisdom will make you her joyful prisoner of passion. When I first partied with sultry Michelle four years ago, naturally I told her what kind of party I wanted. But, each time since then, she keeps things fresh and exciting by subtly weaving in new elements—and I always love her ideas.
    Michelle also helps me release my stress using different techniques that I will not discuss here. Afterwards, we talk and she gives me good food for thought on topics that are personal to me.
    As I said, our most recent party three weeks ago and I’m still floating on cloud ten—not cloud nine! I’m eagerly awaiting my spring party with Michelle. Five stars aren’t nearly enough to do her justice.


    never had the chance to party with her. You prefer the 60’s bungalow to the others?


    Kinda obvious Loren Black is a spam account. Probably best to ban him/her.


    I mentioned it to the Office.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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