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    If there is a courtesan I’d like to party with…

    I won’t be staying at the ranch. I live a few hours’ drive away from Pahrump. Just would like to drive in, have my party, and get back home.

    Do I e-mail the courtesan to say I’ll be there on a specific day at a specific time. That way she can check if she has a spot for me in her schedule?

    Also, I was thinking in case some highroller later wants to book her for the whole day. I wouldn’t expect her to give up a big party like that. Or if she’s not feeling well that morning. Would the courtesan or RanchMama then e-mail me in advance to reschedule? That would save me time and gas, and be most appreciative.


    You should email that lady to get to know her and let her know which day you want to party with her. As soon as practical you should make the appointment with the office. You could call the office before you leave to see if your party is still set. I tend to make appointments a week or two out and call early in the day I am scheduled to have a party.



    Flint gave you some good advice.

    When you email a Courtesan keep in mind that they can only access their Sheri’s Ranch email and respond while physically at the brothel.

    You may Twitter private message a Courtesan too if she’s a member.

    Twitter Ladies @SherisBrothel http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/the-ladies-of-sherisbrothel/


    To answer part of your question: No, I don’t think that they would let you know if for some reason your appointment was cancelled. A) I think that would just be too much work for them to keep track of, and B) I’ve never given a Ph# or email, just my name, when making an appointment…for discretion’s sake I’d guess. Perhaps if you requested to be informed of a change they might accommodate, but most likely they’d apologize and suggest another very lovely lady to meet you in her stead.

    That said, I think it’s fairly unusual for that to happen.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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