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    I am concerned about the cost of riding a limousine back and forth to Sheri’s Ranch and Las Vegas Airport.

    Is the limo service really expensive or cost a good, low price?

    Also, which is the best car rental company that would accept cash, debit cards, etc. besides just credit cards?

    What are the pros and cons or differences between riding a limo and driving a rented car?


    I don’t want to be jumping all over you, but the questions have already been answered in your other two threads.



    Renting a car is better and cheaper than the limo if you’re coming from LV. You have more flexibility with your time at Sheri’s. Like you I don’t know how much ~30% of a party will cost, but I bet one or two days car rental is cheaper. Remember if you stay at Sheri’s overnight you may even get the hotel bill waived because you had a party. So you could drink all night and sober up the next day. Or you could do what I do and rent something special to make the driving part of the trip.

    Just go to the websites of the major rental companies (Hertz, Alamo, Enterprise, Budget etc) and go through the process of renting a car to find out how much they will cost without actually hitting the ‘buy’ button. Prices can change daily BTW.

    Some things to look out for.
    CDW – collision damage waiver – extra insurance should the car be damaged during your rental period. Check the car before you leave it. Perhaps even take photos, remembering to include something that will timestamp it (like a rental employee).
    Fuel levels – I always pay for a full tank so I don’t have to find a gas station near the rental return. They can be really picky about what a full tank is. Sometimes if it’s the tiniest fraction off they’ll charge you.
    Don’t bother with hiring a sat-nav unit if you’re renting for more than a week. It’s often cheaper to buy a cheap or refurb’d unit from somewhere like Wal-Mart.


    Thanks for that information, tomsk6050356.

    I want to rent a car but it is complicated because most rental car companies require a credit card, which I don’t have. Plus, I am concerned how much money I would be charged totally especially when I return the rented car to the company (e.g. Las Vegas Airport Car Rental Center). Then, I have to print good map directions that would take me back and forth to Sheri’s Ranch and the Las Vegas Airport. The last thing I want is to get lost and stranded in a place I don’t know.

    I also think that riding in a limo would be better because I have someone from Las Vegas/Pahrump who knows where to go. But, I am also concerned about the total cost I have to pay for someone to pick me up from the Las Vegas Airport and return me there days later.

    It is hard to choose which transportation is better for me. But, I have plenty of time to think about it.

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    If you have the time, apply for a credit card now.
    It will probably only come with a limit of a few hundred dollars, so use it frequently, but pay off the balance each month so you don’t accrue interest.
    After a while the limit might get raised automatically, or you could ask the bank to raise it. I don’t know what sort of limit the car rental companies would want but a couple of thousand should be enough.

    After your trip to Sheris, you can either cancel the card, have the limit reduced or just stop using it.

    Renting a car is the best way to increase your spending power at Sheris.
    Using the prices quoted here – http://www.sherisranch.com/adult-sex-vacation/ – and Maverick’s estimation that the limo driver/company gets 30% (from this thread – http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/question-about-shuttle/ ) that $2000 voucher is actually only equivalent to $1400.

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    I love Toms advice for getting a credit card now and sometimes you can also call ahead to ask if they will take debit card, some do and just ask for a deposit. Getting a car can be helpful like the reasons posted in past threads and directions are really not hard. The rental place gives you a map to get on freeway and we can give you very simple directions to get straight here. If you have any questions feel free to message me 🙂


    Google maps suggests a simple route from LV McCarron airport to Sheri’s.
    Once you have the route on Google maps use the street view to check out where turns are made. You can see what landmarks to look out for and the road layout, should you need to be in a particular lane.

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