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    Apologies, if this has already been posted somewhere. What furniture is typically found in a ladies room besides the obvious stuff like a bed? I’ve found sometimes I need a chair, table or couch more than a bed. Hehe


    There was a video of Air Force Amy giving a quick tour. (Unfortunately it’s not available anymore)
    In that video it showed her room. There was a bed, a two seat couch, dresser, a couple of small tables (not big enough for anything more than a tray of coffee) and a wardrobe. There was also an en-suite shower room.
    You need to go to the Playland, specialty rooms or VIP bungalows for more furnishings.


    That sounds like the furnishings for my last party.


    Tom is write again! The rooms are limited of sturdy furniture to bang on so the bungalows defiantly give you more options. Coffee tables, over tub, bench, tantric chair, sex swing, desk, bigger bed, dining table, bar stools. Lots more options!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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