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    Sometimes I feel like I’m evil because most of the time when I’m looking at pics of a woman, I’m thinking about having sex with her. Does this just mean, I’m a man or an evil person?

    Also, for the ladies, how does it make you feel in general when random strangers have that desire about you? Does it feel exciting and also a little scary at the same time to know that millions of men may share the same feeling when it comes to your picture and sex with you.


    ShyGuy, I have often felt the way you do and often wonder how women feel about it. Thanks for being brave enough to ask this question, because I’ve never been brave enough to ask a woman about it.

    For me, I’ve decided that there is nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with a woman and fantasizing about it when looking at pictures of a woman. That is a normal human sex drive. What I think is really important is how you treat women, and how you treat women depends on how you think and feel about women deep inside.

    I think it is bad for a man to treat a woman merely as an object to satisfy his needs without considering her feelings and needs. I am planning on making my first trip to Sheri’s this May. So, I haven’t actually been there yet, but from what I’ve read on this website, it sounds like the women at Sheri’s really do enjoy sex. So you are not a bad person for wanting to have sex with them, because I bet they will enjoy having sex with you IF you treat them well and act like a man who values and appreciates women. And I think that is what it really comes down to—do you really value and appreciate women in your heart?

    For me, I recently realized that I am actually afraid of women. I am afraid that interacting with them will make me feel bad about myself and cause me emotional pain, because that is what has happened in the past. That fear can easily turn into anger and hatred towards women, because if you hate someone, then you are a lot less likely to let trust them and give them the chance to hurt you.

    So, I have decided to focus on creating more self-esteem and self-worth inside of me, because I think having more self-worth will allow me to have positive experiences with women, and those positive experiences will create love and appreciation for women in my heart instead of fear and hatred. And that’s why I’m coming to Sheri’s! I believe that the ladies at Sheri’s are truly amazing women who really do care about their customers. I believe that they will treat me with acceptance and kindness and that interacting with them will be a positive experience that allows me to express the good qualities I value most about myself. And doing that will be a positive experience for the ladies at Sheri’s and it will also make me feel good about myself and help me value and appreciate women more, which will lead to more good experiences.

    So, to answer your question, I don’t think you are an evil person. If you were evil, then you wouldn’t even be thinking about this or asking this question. Even if you have some negative feelings towards women like I do, it sounds like you really do want to treat women with respect, and I think that’s what counts.


    I LOVE it! I don’t feel objectified, I feel desired.


    Do all the ladies at Sheri’s fell that way>



    I do believe most of us do, yes.

    But as mentioned by Paul, we also want to be respected and treated well. The worst thing that anyone can do is make a person feel as if all they are is a piece of meat to play with when they want to but are good for nothing more.

    When coming out to Sheri’s, we really want you to look at us and think that you would like to have sex with us. We spend a lot of time ensuring that we look and feel sexy so please, don’t be afraid to let us know that our efforts are worthwhile.


    Of course you all are respected. I admit most of you look like you “you want it badly”


    Excellent reply Paul, I felt much the same as you when I made my first trip to Sheri’s almost 5 years ago. I left that first time with more self-confidence than ever thanks to the amazing ladies! Good luck on your first visit

    Red Diamonds

    ShyGuy, It’s normal to find women attractive and to want to experience something with her (not evil)…. I take it as a compliment when I am someone’s type. It’s not scary to have so many people contacting, complimenting, or interacting with us.


    Gosh, ShyGuy, could you imagine a world in which men didn’t fantasize having sex with women? There would be a lot less children around and people to talk to, that’s for sure. The desire for sex is one of the three most powerful urges humans have, the others being hunger and the will to survive. I don’t think you could consider yourself evil for having sexual fantasies.

    I agree with Paul that you have a duty as a man to be respectful towards women. As long as you try your best to communicate your desires honestly with the right people, at the right place and at the right time, and do not force your way when you are told no or when the other person seems to be uncomfortable, you are not evil for wanting sex.

    What the other ladies have said is consoling for us clients. Audrey, I like how you describe it as being desired, because I think that’s how many of us guys like to think about sexual relations, too. I think few of us want someone who is just there, but want a whole person we can interact with, please, and be pleased by in an embodied experience. It’s great to have Montana’s and Red’s reassurance that our compliments can be flattering, though, I believe it’s an art form to compliment a woman in a way in which feels flattering and not crude.

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