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    HI Everyone. I used to be a Frequent poster here on this Board, Until, I started having ” some ” luck with Dating & Having Girlfriends . BUT, the last Few Months of Dating have Been VERY Disappointing for Me. I’m Going To my cousins in Las Vegas For Thanksgiving Weekend and Am gonna Be stopping at Sheris Ranch on Friday Night ( day after Thanksgiving ) For Sure. I’m Excited About it Because I used to do Partys there from September 2006 where I lost my Virginity to Airforce Amy , up until My Last Sheris Party with ” Heidi ” in JUlY 2010. So its been 7 1/2 Years since I’ve been to Sherisranch. Only 2 Ladies are Still there since 2010 who i’ve met & thats: CiCi & montana . ALL the restof ladies are New. Not sure about what kind of Party I’m gonna do , Because of $$$. I Still remember the Amounts I spent on sheris partys in the Past but that was 7 1/2 Years ago so I’m not going to get My hopes too high. I’d prefer a , Half n Half party but would settle for Nude Bodyrub Massage . I would like to Say Hi to Dena when I’m There and get a tour of the New Themed rooms , since its been a long time since I’ve been there. I also want to Ask IF and WHEN is the Sheris Christmas Party too. I’m Excited about Making My return to Sheris Ranch and Meeting ALL the New Ladies. Dont know IF I want to Book a Appointment, do a Line Up which I Never asked for in the Past or just hang out in the Bar on : Friday , November 24 . I usually booked Appointments in My Previous Visits There. Which of You Beautiful Sheris Ladies Gonna be a Sheris , Friday November 24 ? See You All Then

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    I felt the same way, I really enjoyed myself there! The last time I went was about 7 years ago too… However, I was there recently and I must warn you, time hasn’t done any favors to Sheri’s Ranch.

    I’ll put it this way, consider bringing at least a house payment or two. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you have to find alternative ways to party of which there are plenty so do not settle.


    m.ybarra55 good to hear you are returning after all of those years. I would be interested in your experiences.

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