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    Hi, I’m 33-year-old male virgin and I’ve been seriously contemplating losing my v-card at Sheri’s Ranch. The thing is, I’m handicapped and it’s very difficult for me to travel alone due to my condition. I have to ask my parents to accompany me on a flight to Las Vegas. I have informed them of my intention to lose my v-card and they are fully supportive of my decision to do so. However, when I told them I would use Sheri’s limo service, they insisted they would drive me in a rental car and wait for me there until I finish my party. I reluctantly accepted their offer and I emphasize “reluctantly”, because I’m not comfortable with the idea of bringing my parents to a brothel.

    My question is, is it normal for parents to accompany their adult children to a brothel?


    I have not heard of such a thing but your parents are quite supportive of your decision to do so. I suppose they could wait in the bar instead of in their car.


    I haven’t seen that many people who I could identify as coming in with their parents but I have seen people of all ages from 21 to 75 come in. I would imagine that it has happened before and will happened again. The big thing is just make sure however you come, you are comfortable with it. Also I will tell you you won’t be, and that is normal. The first time I came out I was a nervous wreck. I would recommend letting your parents drive you honestly because the limo is “free” but they do get a large cut of the party which can make negations a little more difficult.

    What might work out better is if they got a room at the hotel. They would be able to come in separately if that is what you want and you would not be rushed. The rooms are not that expensive. The only suggestion I have is spend the extra money for a suite. If afterward you didn’t want to go back Las Vegas right away you could get a room for yourself also because after most parties you get a room certificate.

    The Attorney

    It’s great that your parents are supportive of your plan! But if you are self-conscious or otherwise concerned about them hanging out while your partying, they can always drop you off and head 8 minutes up the street and have fun at the casino until you are done. The only issue is that I don’t recall is whether the cell coverage at the Ranch is any good, and whether you can easily text or call your parents when you’re done.

    Also, depending on the time of day you plan to go, they could easily hang out at the bar. When I was at Sheri’s last year in early September around 11:30 am, there was just the friendly bartender and some locals grabbing lunch inside, pretty tame and low-key. Your parents already sound pretty cool for driving you over, and as long as they aren’t too prudish, they might enjoy hanging out at Sheri’s while they wait for you.

    Lastly, keep in mind that nothing it actually free, and I believe if you use the limo, the driver actually gets a cut of the proceeds from the party, so the courtesan negotiations may be different if she knows she has to tip out to the limo driver.

    Good luck on your trip!


    Hey Jeffery,

    I can certainly understand how it would feel awkward, but I can assure you this wouldn’t be the first or last time it has happened.
    When I last visited (March, I think), as I waited to check into my room, there was a large group (~10 or so) occupying all of the center tables, eating and drinking. It’s not uncommon for groups of men and women to visit to eat, take a tour etc, so i didn’t think much of it. Then a young man (probably early 20s) emerged from the back with a beautiful woman on his arm, looking well ravished, and sporting a huge grin on his face…the group broke out into a cheer, and there were high-5s and congrats all around.
    I surmised this was his first time, and that his friends and family had decided to be there to encourage and support him. It was strange (I could not imagine my own family doing some such thing!), but also very sweet in a way. Who wouldn’t want their first experience to be with a highly skilled knockout, and then be treated to a hero’s welcome by those closest to you, along with a few shots afterward?!?!

    I would say that unless you are terribly embarrassed by it, let them come along. It sounds like your parents aren’t too judgmental, but are mostly concerned that you will be safe, and treated well. You will be. I’ll bet it would set mom’s mind at ease if she were to meet your date before hand as well (if she’s comfortable with that.)…She’ll quickly see that the women there are especially amazing and caring.

    The room idea isn’t bad, as well, but your parents can pass also the time, taking a tour themselves, sitting out by the pool, having a meal or a few drinks in the bar, or heading into Pahrump to one of the nearby casinos, movies, bowling etc.
    Feel blessed that you have such supportive parents!
    Good luck!



    I never have heard of bringing friends along post a post virginity losing party. is this at all common?


    While not certain, sitting in the bar during my visits I believe I have seen several sets of parents with their adult kids come in for a tour of the place. Usually it appears they are with one of their kids and their significant other. The only time I recall seeing a member of “the group” party was a few years ago, a Dad had brought his Son in for his 21st birthday to lose his V-card. I have also seen several groups of guys come in and sometimes they just play pool, sometimes a couple of them will party. It’s really an anything goes place where you won’t be judged. Good luck & enjoy!

    Amber Lynn

    @Jeffery…Don’t worry visiting the ranch with your parents (and having them drive you) is actually far more common then you think! All the ladies here are very friendly and inviting, and would love to keep your parents entertained…show them around the ranch while you are dog your thing! Added bonus…they can grab a bite to eat while they are waiting!

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