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    Sorry for asking this question.

    I do not judge.

    I do know the Lord. But, I still want to come to Sheri’s Ranch too. I am attracted to the women there. They are good women…so much better than most women I have been around most of my life.

    Unlike some church, Sheri’s Ranch is a place I can go where I can meet and talk to someone I do not know and do not have to be judged.

    I joined some churches in the past but they are nothing like Sheri’s Ranch.

    Angel Parr

    There’s nothing to be sorry about hun, you asked if you would be judged, we simply said no and gave good reasons why. I don’t think anyone was trying to compare a brothel to a church darling, we are just saying that this is a place that is free from judgments and full of up beat, happy, awesome ladies that would love to spend time with you, no matter what your religion. I apologize on behalf of all envolved if anything said made you feel anything other than that, I’m not sure why you feel like you shouldn’t have asked this question, it was valid.



    I’m with Angel you shouldn’t be sorry for asking this question it was, on its face, valid. Perhaps with my rather breathy and broad post I made you feel a bit uneasy. If that is indeed the case please accept my apologies.

    When it come to certain subjects, religion being one, I can become something of a firebrand. Particularly when it appears someone is about to or is posturing to pass judgement. Faith is a personal thing and I have seen WAY too many times those who practice their faith with entirely too much zeal. So much in fact they become predatory for the sake of dominion/power or proselytization. Using faith as a blunt instrument is a common event and one I do not stand by silently and watch as it passes by.

    You have an absolute right to your faith whatever it is and I’m sure its quite different than my own ( I think my faith is mine alone…..an entire congregation of one…..small house.).

    As far as Sheri’s and your faith you’ll have to find you own way. However if you treat others with dignity and respect, especially these ladies who have a much more difficult task than most could even begin to know, you would pass muster under my plan.

    Good luck with your journey in life and wherever it takes you.

    Remember keep the wind to your back and sunshine on your face.

    All the best,

    Bret Maverick

    Auguste Maximus

    Dear Sir,
    This is my first post on the Sheri’s Ranch site, although I’m an active member on other legal NV brothel boards.

    I hope that you’re legitimately wrestling with qualms over your commitment to faith and your sexual desires, not to wish you pain but because ultimately it’s good for you. Note, however, that the initial reaction of many here was suspicion of ulterior motives. So if you’re worried about what the ladies will think of you as a a religious man, don’t. If you want to convert people, I’m sure they’re doing very well, thank you.

    That said, I want to offer the following thoughts.

    Mark Twain once said,
    “For instance, take this sample: [Man] has imagined a heaven, and has left entirely out of it the supremest of all his delights, the one ecstasy that stands first and foremost in the heart of every individual of his race — and of ours — sexual intercourse!

    It is as if a lost and perishing person in a roasting desert should be told by a rescuer he might choose and have all longed-for things but one, and he should elect to leave out water!”

    Certain forms of Christianity in our day tend to see ‘sin” as humanity’s biggest problem, based on how their church or faith group frames the biblical emphases for them. While it’s true that sins matter, there is more to the Bible’s story than that.

    What are we most in need of? Is it forgiveness? Actually, the stories of the Exodus and the Exile to Babylon tell us that we are exiles ourselves, seeking a way to return “home.” We are blind and need to see. We are sick and need to be well. We are in darkness and need light. Further, the emphasis on Christian living should be on this life, not on an afterlife. While the New Testament does speak of an afterlife, for most of the Bible an afterlife was not discussed, or considered an option.

    Concerning sexuality, we should pose the question, “What is reality like?” ONe might begin small and say that God gave women a clitoris for one reason: their own sexual pleasure. Think of that!

    To think large, sex is something we think about all the time. It’s a force within us that can be like dynamite. Handled carefully and used properly, it can do tremendous work. Handled carelessly, it can cause destruction.

    One should ask whether denying oneself sexually is in fact doing good. If it’s causing you suffering, perhaps it’s time to ask what your motivation is. Fear of God? Fear of punishment? Fear of being tortured for a trillion years (and that’s just for starters)? A trillion years of torture for seventy-odd years of exercising your desire to have sex and bond with other humans? Is that really worthy of God?

    The fact is that we don’t really know what God thinks. Many say they do, but no one, not even the pope, has a direct email link to the almighty. Why live in shame and fear? Finding your sexual self may be the most thrilling, rewarding, and enlightening thing you’ve ever done. Who told you sex is “dirty?” Who told you masturbation was “self pollution?”

    A very thoughtful quote I once read simply said, “Maybe you’re not addicted to porn. Maybe you just like it.”

    Church can be a life-giving place. It can also be a place where we whip ourselves ad nauseam and never develop into the complete people we were meant to be.

    Yes, by all means handle your sexuality carefully. Don’t hurt someone else because of it. But you may well be hurting yourself most of all.

    A courtesan at one of the legal Nevada brothels is very likely to be sweeter, kinder, smarter, stronger, and more emotionally mature than average. She can be a complete and whole person, not someone deserving of sympathy and certainly someone who lacks dignity. She makes good money and is her own person. And she loves sex. LOVES it!!! And she can share that love of life and sex with you! But you have to be open to it.

    She may not be able to counsel you out of any religious fears or shame. If you’re in that hole, my friend, let me come alongside you. The courtesan will handle your penis.

    It may be very difficult to shed the idea of shame and guilt. Our politics perpetuate it. Sex sells everything in this country but you can’t sell sex except in NV. This is your battle, but I’m glad to help if you’re legit and want to talk about God and sex. You have to be willing to think outside the church, though. Contact me if you’re interested.

    Red Diamonds

    Well put Allissa!!!

    Rewith85ma, everyone is welcome to visit Sheri’s Ranch. It’s up to you whether or not to participate and how you participate… A lot of my sessions are not sexual. I offer a wide variety of activities that provide companionship without lust or sinning. Is it a sin to accompany each other, though you are paying for my time? No, it is not. Think about it. 😊


    That is an excellent point. Not all parties involve sex. How are those sinful?


    And Jesus said unto thou, “tap thine fine ass ye as bestow at Sheri’s Ranch.”

    Angel Parr




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