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#JustinBieber’s Brothel: Prostitution and Celebrities

In the event that you haven’t already heard, pop superstar Justin Bieber was allegedly caught sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel, kicking off a weekend of rowdiness, debauchery, and bad-assery – belieber-style! As one might expect, this news has the internet buzzing. While we have yet to see what the repercussions from this event will be for the teen idol, it raises some interesting questions about public figures, celebrities, and prostitution.

Here in Nevada, where prostitution is legal in the form of regulated brothels (as opposed to Brazil, where operating a brothel is actually illegal), there is a great deal of care taken to ensure the privacy of customers who visit these adult establishments. As mentioned in an earlier post, discretion is a major concern for licensed brothels in Nevada.

It has been revealed time and again that visiting a questionably legal establishment or procuring the services of an illegal escort can have life-altering consequences for public figures. It is inevitable that a considerable portion of high-profile adult men will continue to seek the services of prostitutes in order to satiate their desires, but there is a right way and a wrong way to engage in a transaction with a sex worker. The right way is the legal way, and Nevada brothels are the safest and most discreet legal alternative for all men, including public figures.

Below are three reasons why celebrities, politicians, and public figures of all types should maintain discretion when visiting a prostitute.

Protect their image

Obviously, the primary reason celebrities should be concerned about their relationship with prostitutes becoming public is because their image can be damaged. Governor Eliot Spitzer’s reputation as a dedicated family man and morally stalwart politician was forever ruined by his involvement with the Emporers Club VIP escort agency. Spitzer’s unquenchable desire for extramarital female companionship, while not uncommon, was perceived as a tragic flaw that the people of New York were unwilling to accept.

Unfortunately, because prostitution is generally perceived by society as being overwhelmingly wrong, a public figure who has been exposed as a client often finds himself inundated with an overpowering amount of negative press. It is for this reason that public figures should visit fully-vetted, licensed prostitutes operating in legal establishments with a perfect record of discretionary practice.

Responsibility to their fan base and constituents

Justin Bieber is an adult with a fan base consisting primarily of young women under the age of 18, many of them not even teenagers. Young people whose brains are not fully developed can be very impressionable.

If a teenage girl discovers that her idol, Justin Bieber, enjoys the company of prostitutes, an unrealistic image of sex work as an occupation may be seeded in that young person’s mind.

Adult entertainment is, by definition, for adults only. Public figures, whether they like it or not, have a responsibility to convey an appropriate message to the fans who sustain their celebrity and put money in their pockets. If a public figure’s fan base is young girls, perhaps their penchant for adult entertainment should remain private, so that children do not prematurely consider sex work as a viable option, or consider it for the wrong reasons (because their teen idol prefers prostitutes).

It’s not anyone’s effing business

When all is said and done, everyone has the right to a private life. Public figures have a right to legally explore their intimate desires through discreet encounters – and they have the right to keep those encounters a secret if they so choose. Nevada bordellos, with a perfect privacy record, offer the best option for a discreet, safe, and high quality sexual encounter for people from all walks of life.

To learn more about how Sheri’s Ranch maintains the privacy of celebrities, public figures and all of our distinguished guests, please contact us.

Picture of Justin Bieber by Joe Bielawa, Uploaded by MyCanon (Justin Bieber) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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