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My first visit was back in May 2011. My first party was with Char who is a special Lady. Yes I was nervous but I had a very memorable afternoon in the Roman bungalow. Honestly I wish I had gone to Sheri’s to lose my V card. My second trip was last November I arrived at the Ranch about mid day on a Sunday having pre booked a two girl Nuru massage with Amber Lynn and Brittney Ryder for that afternoon. What an amazing experience. Thank you Amber. Later that night I had a 2 girl bungalow party with these two wonderful Ladies. A week later having been in Las Vegas and not having a lot of luck with the tables or some of the so called better eating establishments I decided to go back to the Ranch for some more fun and hopefully more sweet memories. The Lady I chose to party with was the fourth Lady that I had contacted by email some months before. Eva Morales was her name and she truly blew my mind because we had so much in common and we had this deep emotional connection that was truly amazing. Being from Australia I don’t know if I will ever get back to the Ranch but I do have some very fond and special memories of Char who I partied with again last year in Sheri’s Playland, Amber , Brittney and Eva. Thank you Ladies. Unfortunately it seems as though both Brittney & Eva no longer work at the Ranch. There are a number of things that I regret not doing and high on the list is not losing my V card at the Ranch. It would have been a lot more memorable and fun at the Ranch. Amber in each party I wasn’t thinking I was just overwhelmed and just being in the moment.

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