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Hi rainman,
I’m sorry that you had an experience where you felt that couples are more important than single guys, because that should not be the case. As explained by firefighter we are only allowed a certain amount of time to talk to someone, before we have to leave. It’s not to make you feel like you are less important, it’s actually for your benefit. We don’t want you to get stuck talking to a lady for too long that you are not interested in. In the future if you are really interested in a lady you are talking too, you can always ask the hostess to speak to that lady for more time or you can ask the lady to go back to her room. Also, you asked if the situation had been reversed and the lady had been talking to a couple and then a single guy requested her would the same thing have happened? The answer would be yes. If the roles were reversed in this forum I would tell them the exact same thing. If you want more time with a lady, either ask the hostess or take the lady back to her room. I hope this helped you a little bit and I hope that your next experience here is much better. And please don’t believe that you are less important because you are a single guy. Everyone here is treated equally. 🙂

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