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Angel Parr

Hello sweetie,
There are several different ways to go about having a great time here, but for a first timer ESP to get the experience you at looking for I would suggest a bungalow. All of our girls work different my but typically a bungalow starts off as 2 hours (of course you can always book longer) of unrestricted intercourse, as many positions, and orgasums as you can handle! So because we all work a little I can’t tell you what you need to do with every girl to have a great time all I can tell you is what you COULD do.
If you opt for the bungalow it comes with a jacuzzi (which we are allowed full sexual activities inside of), a free steak a lobster dinner (substitutional for anything on out menu), a fruit platter, a deli platter, a completely open bar, a free night in our hotel, and of course at least 2 hours of time to play with the lady(s) of your choice.
If you are interested in having 2+ ladies then I believe the best thing to do is participate in the “speed date” in the bar as apposed to the line up. Some girls work better with certain ladies, so its best to let the lady you are most interested in show you a few of her friends instead of just picking a few girls at random. In the speed date you will sit down at the bar and all of the ladies will come up to you one by one. We will have 10 mins a piece to speak with you, unless you request us to stay longer, so you can get to know us and our friends, and let us relax you a bit before you go back with your guilty pleasure!

I hope that this helps you, please let us know if you have any more questions!

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