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    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

    I have temporarily relocated in close proximity to Nevada. Of course, being in the age demographics that I am (21), the one of the first question that I get asked about by my new peers is if I am virgin. Me being somewhat proud of this quality, I unashamedly answered, “Yes.” Their first retaliation was trying to get me laid as soon as possible. Of course, my counter-retaliation was “No way, bro!” as it has always been when someone tries to make me hand my v-card as soon as possible, but I have always seen myself losing my virginity in a more “attached” and long-term relationship.

    I am pretty reserved, and really have never been in a serious relationship. I would say I had bigger priorities throughout my young life. I am in no way religious or hard-set on saving my virginity for marriage. I just feel like I need, with all things in life, experience. However, I have conflicting views on brothels mainly due to personal morality. I treat every women with utmost respect, unless they do something stupid to lose it. That is why I am so indecisive on going to a brothel. I know it is strange that someone with extreme morals as mind would even bother considering a brothel, but I feel like it may be now the time to gain experience in regards to my sexuality. Since this is the official forums of a brothel, I know may get biased answers, but it may give me some input on whether to “save it or hand it away”, so lets get to the questions!

    Are there any ladies out there in Sheri’s Ranch that cater to virgins, especially someone that just got out of their teen years? I believe 21 is the minimum age for admission into the Ranch, so I’m probably going to be the baby of the house not knowing what the hell is going on, haha! I feel like I would take no initiative in doing anything with being a shy young kid, so will there be at least one person who will approach me and guide me along the way, especially when we finally “connect” because I’m going to be lost in the sauce and I don’t want to be boring and end disappointing the lady whom I will ultimately lose my virginity too. I don’t have preferences, but I see older woman as somewhat as a mother-figure with tons of experience, but I also see ladies my age as a person I can relate to more and have more fun with.

    To wrap it up what I just said, my two biggest questions are will someone be there to guide my inexperienced, non-initiating, young ass every step of the way, and what happens if I get overly-attached to the girl whom I ultimately decide to lose it to, if I eventually do?

    Sorry for the essay-style post and thanks to all ahead of time!

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    There are many ladies that cater to virgins. Tou can look in the “I cater to” part of the lady’s profile to see if “virgin” is there. See which ladies then appeal to you and start a dialogue with them.



    I recommend that you perform “Search Ladies” by first clicking on the link below. Then enter your proposed visitation dates. Next click “by what she caters to: + click here to expand” then check the Virgin box and click Search. Click on the thumbnail photos of Courtesans that stimulate your interest, read their profiles and then click the rectangular violet “Send a message to ?” box to email those Courtesans with whom you’d like to become more familiar. If you desire to view all Courtesans that specialize in Virgins, don’t enter a date range but simply check the Virgin box and click Search. http://www.sherisranch.com/search-ladies.aspx

    Also, you may view the lineups for all Ladies appearing now or coming soon.
    “Sheri’s Ranch Weekly Lineup” http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx
    “Scheduled Ladies coming soon” http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx for all Courtesans thumbnail photos irrespective of their specialties.

    Jeremy Lemur

    Hi BabyMonkey,

    Virgins are the specialty of many of the courtesans at Sheri’s. For an overview of losing your virginity to a prostitute, you might enjoy reading this blog post: http://newblog.sherisranch.com/legal-prostitution/losing-virginity/


    Hey BabyMonkey,

    You and I have a few similar philosophies. I held on to my virginity until I turned 24 but am not a very religious person. I lost my virginity at Sheri’s and from first hand experience, I can tell you there is nothing to fear. Most of the ladies cater to virgins and if you are open to it, will give you terrific love-making advice and guidance. They are non-judgemental so your lack of experience will not bother them. If you get attached, well, that’s human nature. Since I also desire a more in-depth affair, I see the same woman each visit. You could do the same if you’d like, but set yourself at ease that it will come to an end one day and don’t feel obligated to continue with her if you decide you’d like to party with someone else. Most likely she will not be offended because the most of the ladies want their customers to leave happy and fulfilled.

    Here are some words of advice I can give you so that you are prepared on your first visit. You will have to wear a condom to have sex, so if you don’t practice with them during your alone-time yet, begin doing so. During your first time having sex, don’t worry about your performance. Everybody has a different experience and it is nothing to be ashamed about no matter what happens. Some people may come immediately upon penetration, some may not come at all, and some may get erectile dysfunction. In any case, simply relax and enjoy being with a woman who you chose to hang out with for a while. Additionally, don’t focus too much on her pleasure at the start. It’s important and a great feeling when you know you contributed to another’s pleasure, but I think worrying about it right of the bat will add more anxiety and frustration if it doesn’t go well. Instead of her sexual pleasure, perhaps you could begin with foreplay and have her show you how she likes to be touched through massage. She could try her hands on you and you could mimick her moves when it’s your turn. You should also consider learning about manscaping. Check out some videos on YouTube for some grooming tips. Your style in manscaping isn’t so important but trimming yourself will definitely be appreciated. Finally, take your time at the ranch. Don’t feel rushed to choose a lady or negotiate a party.

    I hope your first trip goes well!

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    Thanks for all the inputs, y’all! I really appreciate every second y’all took to answering, but if y’all don’t mind, I have to leave with one more open-ended question.

    In summary of what I’ve said previously, what I am looking for most out of going to Sheri’s is gaining experience that I can use later down the road in my life. If I don’t last long or perform well when going inside my first lady, will she work with me and help me practice, or will I have to cash up again? Is it a “one-session” kind of deal or will stay by my side until I get it right like an afterschool mentor?


    Baby Monkey, I believe you are asking whether or not she will end the party upon your climax. You should be sure to inquire about that during negotiations and discuss which activities you would like to do afterwords. During negotiations, take your time, articulate your desires clearly, and do not hesitate to get clarification if there is even the slightest detail you are unsure about. You will have the most enjoyable experience that way.

    Again, I would like to reiterate my view that you should not fear how quickly you cum or if you do at all. I have a friend who came after about 5 seconds of intercourse and another friend who occasionally has trouble reaching orgasm with his girlfriend. We cannot always have complete control over how our bodies react. Everyone is different and goes through different phases. There are many things great about sex and being with a woman aside from intercourse that I believe you will enjoy.

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    Enjoy the experience of your first time and hard as it is, do not panic or get anxious. During negoitations make clear what you want in detail which including how many orgasms you want to have in a time span.


    Good advice, Flint. I’d only add that it is important for first time clientele know that the number of orgasms during a party are not likely to be guaranteed. More likely, there will be some form of time frame based on the price of the party. If the client does not reach an orgasm, the lady has no obligation to wait for the client to acheive it.


    Sorry for the jump!

    I’ve sent out e-mails to a couple of ladies that I thought I would be able to relate to the most. It’s been over a month now and I have yet to receive one reply from one of the. Are they extremely busy? I prefer not to visit the ranch until I have establish a decent connection with one of them.


    Sometimes it can take a while. There are limited computers at the ranch as I understand, and emails to the ladies are only accessible while the lady is at the ranch. Also, I would recommend checking your spam/junk folder. I had the initial emails from the ladies I have corresponded with go there. After I marked them as non spam subsequent emails went straight to inbox.


    some ladies are better at answering emails than others. Just try to be patient.

    Kellie Love

    Hey There Baby Monkey,

    Welcome to the West Coast! I’m excited that you are considering coming into the Ranch. There is nothing more comforting than leaving your desires in the hands of a professional, who know how to fulfill each any every desire you will have. Being just out of my teens also, I can relates to being young and experienced, but at the same time, still mature and experienced enough to guide someone into an extremely pleasurable, and memorable, first time experience. I understand that you have this idea of what your sex life should be like, but everyone is different and moves at their own pace, in situations they might have other wise not considered. When there is a connection, a few moments can feel like an eternity, and that is the type of experience that I can share with you. Your past experience, or lack there of, won’t hinder you; think of yourself as a clean slate who did not have to deal with the typical issues associated with young love and heartbreak. There is a spiritual connection that is sacred between two people when they share their bodies, and everyone deserves to feel that passion at least once. When you remember that there is a difference between lust and love, you will know that the time you share during intimidate moments are just that; moments, not an ongoing, monogamous relationship. As a courtesan, there is a delicate balance to master the heart, mind, and body, and trust me baby, you are in the best hands. Send me a message and I will be happy to further ease your mind of any other discomforts you may have.



    P.S. I enjoyed reading and responding to your “essay style” post. Nothing wrong with a man that knows how to use his syntax and diction correctly! 😉

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