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    Beat LA

    As a 33-year old virgin, I had been stressing out on if I would ever have sex. I’m so shy, that I get tongue tied around women I’m interested in and physically have been unable to approach anybody. This had caused me to never have even gone out on a date in my life. After a while, I just wouldn’t even try anymore, and would just stay in.

    A while ago, I was invited by my sister to go to Vegas with her, her kids and my dad to watch the Hip Hop International dance championships on Sunday night. We would head down on Friday from the Bay Area, and spend the weekend there. It hit me that this would be a good time for me to visit a brothel in order to cash in my v-card.

    I checked out which ones were within a manageable driving distance and came across Sheri’s Ranch. I researched the profiles of the ladies that would be there during the weekend, and checked out the forums for tips and advice. I emailed some of the courtesans, to build a rapport, and ended up clicking with Chloe. After conversing through email, we came up with the plan that I would head to Sheri’s to meet with her, about 9 or 10pm, after arriving in Vegas that day. I would bring a little gift, that would force me to actually take the trip to meet her.

    It was going to be a good plan, but things didn’t work out as smoothly. We ended up leaving from Northern California 2.5 hours later than planned. We ended up getting to our hotel around 6:30, but then we had to go to the store and get dinner before heading back to our rooms. There was no way I could slip out with my car while I had to drive people around. I believe my family was wondering why I was so irritated and anxious to hurry and get out of the restaurant. We finally finished and headed back to the hotel around 10:30. I told them I was headed out to the casino to gamble, and slipped away to my car to make the trip by 11:00. As I got closer and closer, I stopped being able to hear the radio, and I started to feel it in the pit of my stomach.

    I finally arrived at Sheri’s just after midnight, and found Chloe at a table in the bar just to the left of the entrance. I apologized profusely for my extreme tardiness, but she was totally cool with me. I offered her my gift, and we proceeded to a booth to talk for a bit. Charina was at the bar and teased me that I finally made it in.

    Chloe is more beautiful in person, with her striking eyes. We had a good conversation that took my mind off my nerves. She asked if I wanted a tour, and I agreed. After the tour, I felt comfortable with Chloe and agreed to go back to her room.

    As soon as the door closed and we sat next to each other, the nervousness came back in a major way. I was visibly shaking and my voice trembling, when just trying to express what I wanted to do. Chloe was so comforting and understanding, and put me enough at ease to where we were able to agree on activities and price.

    I showered while she took care of the business side. Chloe came back and helped guide me through my very first experience. She put on some Beatles and for some reason that got me more comfortable, as we connected on our love of singing along to the songs. I thought the actual sex would be the most memorable part, but it was just being able to take in the nude female form and just feel another body is the activity I’ll never forget.

    After we were done, we said our goodbyes and I made the trip back to Las Vegas. By the time I got back to the hotel, I realized that I had been up for almost 24 hours. For some reason, in the end, I didn’t care. It ended up being probably the best night of my life, and I can now say that I am a virgin no more. Now that I’m back home, I now feel I cannot wait until I have a chance to go back and build off this experience and try some other activities.

    Thank you to the pistol that is Chloe, for the instruction, patience, and just everything to make my first experience very memorable, but most importantly enjoyable. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner and am thankful that we were able to get together. If you get a chance to spend your time with Chloe, go for it and you will not be disappointed. She was just perfect.

    P.S. thank you to John Lennon, and one of Chloe’s tattoo’s for giving inspiration for the titles of my post.

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    Beat, thanks for sharing your story with us.

    Beat LA

    Flint, thank you and the rest of the forum members for answering my questions and for being a sounding board. Without this community, I might never have had gone through with it and had this experience.


    Congrats on a good first time experience. My first time was also while in my early 30’s. Sex itself was also not the most memorable part of my first time experience. Going into it, I had no idea the most memorable part would have nothing to do with sex itself. Looking forward to my first Sheri’s or other brothel experience ever later this year.

    hoochie coochie man

    I’m sure Chloe is not a girl who misses much.

    When you hold her in your arms
    And you feel your finger on her trigger
    You know nobody can do you no harm
    Because Happiness is a Warm Gun

    Beat LA

    bang bang
    shoot shoot

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