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    Hailey Leigh

    Can you tell me a lil bit about your feelings today…give me one good story of how good us ladies made you feel…we here at Sheri’s Ranch in Pahrump are human like you and everybody else…Although we are here to please and AIM TO cater to you…..We also enjoy knowing how you felt…and NOT just on a sexual side…..


    Let’s put it this way: One of my coworkers just went on to find work that better suited her. While saying our goodbyes, she told me that I’ve been so different the past year and she liked it. That’s because all you at Sheri’s let me leave with smiles on my face knowing there is a place to go that has friendly, open-minded staff and attractive ladies that will not judge you for exploring your sexuality. Visits allow me to feel more confident, sexy, adventurous, and well cared for.

    RI Paul


    I have been to Sheri’s five times over the course of two journeys to Pahrump and have had the pleasure of enjoying the company of three of Sheri’s ladies. Emphasis on ladies, please. With regards to the Sheri’s Ranch environment, I have never felt more welcomed and made to be more comfortable in any other environment.

    I am first writing with regards to the non-sexual aspects of my visits. Every, and I do mean every, staff person I have spoken to have addressed me and treated me with respect and a friendliness that completely disarmed (?) my anxiety and apprehension (think of someone who was born, raised and educated in a very puritanical/parochial environment). My background says all this is sinful, disgusting and reprehensible, the staff & the ladies and the visiting locals (Char, I vividly and fondly remember the elderly pool players to whom you introduced me and I thank you for doing so) just radiate “welcome to what is normal and natural.”

    The ladies of Sheri’s (again, emphasis on ladies): I have fallen in love three times, I have had to ever so reluctantly leave three times, I have ever so felt to be the center of their total existence while in their company. And I have been truly awestruck with their intelligence, their energy, their friendliness, their respect (and empathy), their ability to discuss any topic, the fullness of their lives.

    A more direct answer to you question, Hailey: The greatest happiness, good feelings, in my life, is when I with the ladies of Sheri’s. My greatest sadness happens when I am not with the ladies of Sheri’s.

    RI Paul


    Hi Hailey – your question do I feel as good in the brothel, as when I leave?….No, I feel way better in the brothel than when I leave! Such a warm, welcoming atmosphere….my favorite thing is just hanging out in the bar area…enjoying some food, drink, jukebox tunes, and the company of all of you beautiful (inside and out!) women! The most fascinating and interesting conversations I have ever had with women, have been in the bar area of Sheri’s. The fact that if we also “hit it off” in conversation, that we can enjoy consensual, no-regrets sex, is the cherry on the top! Leaving Sheri’s after every trip is a sad moment made only better by knowing that soon, I will be back again. So Hailey, and all Ladies, know that my fondest memories are with the times spent at all areas of Sheri’s…..sports bar, poolside, bungalow, your rooms, the hotel, watching the sunrise and sunset in the courtyard, and just hanging with the most gorgeous and intelligent ladies on earth…!


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