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    Willie A

    Finally getting a chance to visit Sheri’s, extra socks for cold feet, if things don’t change I’m driving down two day early in hopes to meet one lady before she leaves, if the ladies are half as stunning as there profiles I’m going to be a bundle of nerves.


    Good luck Willie. The Ranch can be overwhelming for those who haven’t been there before or who have been there one or two times. I am making my second visit next month & I am staying at the Ranch for 2 nights to try & experience as much of what the Ranch offers as possible. My 1st visit was a drive in, 3 hour bungalow party with Char & then drive back to Las Vegas on the same day. Spending all that time with Char was amazing & a great memory but there were things I missed out on. Like hanging out in the Bar & just watching the late night fun the girls get up to or playing pool. Simple stuff really. This time I will have a 2 girl bungalow party each night & a shorter party each afternoon. Oh one thing I learned the hard way. Its so dammed easy to spend there so have a firm budget set in your mind & then have a higher figure as your absolute maximum just in case its needed to party with that special lady you have in mind. Budgeting for parties is hard as it depends on how long you intend to be at the Ranch & how many parties you are planning on having & what each lady charges. A credit card is a must have. You really will have a great time, just relax & have a great time.


    I wish you well, Willy. Let us know how it worked out and try o not be too nervous after entering the building.

    Kellie Love


    You will be blown away once you arrive! *pun intended* The photos do not do us ladies justice. The breathtaking beauties here are stunning inside and out. You have no reason what so ever to be nervous. We are happy to provide top of the line experiences here. The only emotions you will have once you walk into our doors will be excitement, stimulation, both physical and mental, and a desire to never leave!

    *note: all jokes aside, no activity happens in the bar or parlor. All activity happens after negotiations are held in private.



    Good luck Willie! And congrats on getting the confidence to come to the Ranch! It’s a great start! Your experience will be a blasts! Relax the best you can and have fun 🙂


    You are going to have an amazing time at Sheri’s Ranch! Don’t be nervous, all of the ladies are amazing and will show you a great time! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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