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    Comments on the publicity about Lamar Odom?
    Of course it is very sad about what happened to Odom, what he did, and maybe how he was treated.
    I wonder what your reactions are to how his situation was publicized by the brothel management. This seems very indiscreet. I would assume that the managements and women of all the Nevada brothels would find this to be wrong.


    We have had Lamar in our prayers. We are also keeping silence out of respect for the family. Sheri’s Ranch has respect for clients privacy 🙂


    I would expect the EMT’s to go public w/his business, but I am disappointed w/how the staff at that brothel disrespected his privacy. I’m not famous, so no worries for my visits


    i am not famous, but still would want my privacy respected at Sheri’s

    Paige Elise

    Our business is built on discretion and I was surprised at the leaked and shared information. I’m guessing that it was commented on simply because much of the information was already out there, and that’s unfortunate. On the other hand, brothels have operated for decades and serviced many high profile clients and this is the first instance of indiscretion I know of personally.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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