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    I’ve made an appointment with my two favorite ladies for this coming Sunday. However, although I’m a 12-year Sheri’s regular, this would be my first two-girl party.
    Now, I know that standard protocol is to negotiate right before the party. However, I’m going to be at Sheri’s by late Saturday afternoon. So, that I could plan my Sheri’s weekend, I need to ask a question.
    Would it be possible to talk to both ladies on Saturday, and discover if a two-lady party is workable on Sunday. If it’s workable, then I’ll only have that one party on the weekend. Otherwise, I’ll go back to my usual routine of a small party on Saturday and a big party on Sunday–which is still fantastic!



    I do not see why you could not arrange to have the two girl party a day ahead of time. You still would have no negotiaite cost and party details right before.


    When I visited the ranch in May 2015 I scheduled a party late at night, but I met with the lady in the bar in the afternoon and chatted for a while, got a tour, and did the negotiation and the dreaded DC at that time, well ahead of the actual party. Perhaps it would depend on what the lady in question wants to do as far as timing goes, but yes, what you want to do can be done.


    I’ve known several guys that have negotiated for a party to take place the following day…especially when it requires the coordination of another girl’s schedule or special arrangements/outfits or whatever…I’m sure you will be good to do that, dude.,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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