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    I understand because of health concerns, clients are not allowed to take courtesans outside of the brothel…

    But (and maybe I heard it wrong), I heard in other brothels, clients are able to take the courtesan’s outside the brothels for dates, but I think they need to have some type of license?


    I have not heard that. Firefighter can likely comment on this.


    It depends on the county laws that the brothel is in.

    The Attorney

    The Mustang near Reno allows it, but all sexual activities must take place on premises. You can go to dinner, go gambling, etc. but I believe you must use the brothel’s limo service.


    Interesting, thanks Attorney.


    A trip to Las Vegas/Pahrump would be more interesting if you can take a courtesan outside Sheri’s Ranch…to Las Vegas.

    I would understand how some of the courtesans feel about staying at the brothel for a week or a month and not really going anywhere.

    Angel Parr

    Nye County law Prohibits “Out Dates” but the northern brothels will allow for your Courtesan to escort you outside of the Ranch to any place of your choice, assuming of course that your Courtesan is comfortable with it.


    The Northern Brothels, depending on the county and which laws they must abide by, do allow “Outdates” provided the lady is on board with it and for a large additional house fee in addition to the payment for the ladies time, in my experience. You must use the particular Ranch’s limo service AND you will be only allowed to go out within the state of Nevada because that is the only state it is legal to do so. Due to legality issues within the county Sheri’s resides in, we are not allowed to do outdates. Never fear however, we have one of the largest facilities available with MANY amazing specialty rooms to play in. You can order dinner in with your lady in a bungalow and have open bar, champagne, etc. Take a trip to the Nuru room to enjoy a erotic full body massage, bubble baths, Jacuzzi or even a trip to be naughty or nice in the dungeon. In addition to all of that we also have our 6 fantasy playrooms available. One of which can offer playing wii naked before having a more intimate type of fun! (A playdate I am looking forward to one day.) Sheris Ranch offers so much to do, we can have all kinds of fun without needing to go off site. XOXO, Adi


    I never thought about a party as a playdate. A term I should remember.


    Sparks and Mound House brothels in Washoe and Lyon Counties respectively allow outdates; however, NYE County (Pahrump, Crystal & Amargosa brothels) prohibits Courtesans partying off the brothel premises. I had an outdate with a Mound House Courtesan during CWMC 19 and we partied (including sex but nothing kinky… that is, if you don’t consider a ball gag, Japanese silk love rope, handcuffs and a discipline paddle kinky 🙂 😉 ) at a hotel casino in Carson City which is 10 minutes away. I was allowed to transport my Courtesan unchaperoned in my personal vehicle. The outdate duration was 5 hours and comparable in price to a VIP Bungalow party; however, a Sheri’s VIP Bungalow party includes dinner and drinks, but clients must pay separately for their Courtesan’s dinner, drinks and hotel room on an outdate. I’m relatively sure that Sheri’s Ranch would enthusiastically welcome NYE County relaxing their strict control and permitting Courtesan outdates.


    Firefighter forgot a couple of other counties that allow outdates.

    Elko County allows outdates. The cities Wells and Carlin, both located in Elko county, both allow outdates. The brothels that reside in the city of Elko are not allowed to partake in outdates.

    Humbolt County, which houses the Winnemucca brothel (s) allow outdates.

    I’m unsure if Lander county, ( Battle Mountain brothel) allows outdates.

    I’m also unsure if White Pine county ( Ely brothels) allow outdates.

    In Lyon county, at least in 2011, outdates in those brothels called for the courtesan and client to sign an escort release form before leaving the premises. This release effectively said you can take the courtesan out of the brothel for escort purpose only. All sexual activity must take place at the house of prostitution (brothel). It would be prudent for all parties to read that release and abide by said rules.

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    My Lyon County outdate was in July 2014 and I wasn’t required to sign a contract. It was only necessary that I provide a photo ID and credit card. Also, the Mound House brothel owner had an existing contract with a Carson City hotel for a client discount, so they knew that a sex act was planned and imminent. Nobody is going to pay that amount of money for a non-sex escort unless they just fell off a turnip truck.


    I didn’t mention signing a contract. I mentioned signing a release that client and courtesan abide by the law of no sexual activity outside the house of prostitution. That was required in 2011.

    The brothel owner having a contract with a Carson City hotel for discounted rates, etc. has nothing to do with the law of having sexual activities outside of a legal house of prostitution.

    The idea is the client and courtesan may have sexual relations before or after the outdate in the licensed house of prostitution. When I did my outdate in Lyon County, I had sexual relations with the courtesan before our outdate, and once again after the outdate, at the licensed house of prostitution.

    It’s important to note these laws, as the readers of this forum need to be educated, should they want to participate in an outdate in the counties that allow them.

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    I wish I’d known that when I lived in Carlin!


    I didn’t forget to mention other Nevada counties that allow outdates, because I wasn’t posting a detailed analysis of outdates throughout the State of Nevada. I didn’t post complete information concerning LPIN outdates or the specific legalities involved because that wasn’t my objective. My post was concerning my outdate only. If another member disagrees with a poster or has valuable additional information, then they should simply post that valid knowledge citing references in a dignified manner. If a member is concerned about the legalities regarding outdates, they should refer the specific county codes and ordinances or Nevada statutes.

    STOREY County

    LYON County

    NYE County

    ELKO County

    NAC 441A.800 Testing of sex workers; prohibition of certain persons from employment as sex worker. https://www.leg.state.nv.us/NAC/NAC-441A.html#NAC441ASec800

    NRS 441A.120 Regulations of State Board of Health; performance of duties set forth in regulations. https://www.leg.state.nv.us/NRS/NRS-441A.html#NRS441ASec120


    Thanks for those links, FF.

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