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    A brothel life can sometimes be rough,
    Times can often get pretty tough,
    The ladies will always welcome you with a grin,
    Even when she’s hurting from within,

    These ladies are not robots but flesh and blood,
    Treat them with dignity treat them good,
    Show them respect treat them with class,
    For they are true ladies not street corner trash,

    Working their butts off to look their best,
    Making sure they look as good as the rest,
    Hitting the gym picking the right outfit,
    To look like desirable ladies not trailer trash shit,

    Treating visitors like kings feeling ten feet tall,
    Just because your paying don’t let your manners fall,
    Treat these ladies with respect and decency,
    In return they will make you as happy as can be.

    Big LA Dodger Fan

    My sentiments exactly. I plan to be as generous as possible with my assets as I worship every inch of their Sacred Bodies with my lips, tongue, hands and fingers.

    Charina Lee

    This is great to see…Both the poem and the comments. Thank you!!!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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