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    I’m 100% sure I’m STD-free** and my “D” is about as ordinary as they get – no sores or discoloration or anything remotely like that. So I wasn’t worried at all about the DC – until I remembered the tiny mole on the underside of one of my um, let’s say, “family jewels”. I’ve had it as long as I can remember and usually forget it’s there except for a couple of times I’ve been manscaping and nicked it – ouch!

    So, I started wondering if it could be a problem. To me it seems pretty obvious what it is, but I remembered it today and it started me wondering – is it “game over” for any small anomaly like that or are the ladies adept at distinguishing such things from true problems? I suppose I could always try to get it removed.

    ** Why I’m sure: I’ve been in a committed and completely monogamous relationship for nearly 29 years. “So why visit Sheri’s?” you might think. Well, like a lot of guys, I have a threesome fantasy and I asked my wife when we were in Vegas last year if she’d ever try such a thing with me and showed her the Sheri’s web site including all the safety precautions, but she just wasn’t up for it so I put it out of my mind. When she learned I was going to Vegas alone for a conference in April on the week before my birthday, she surprised the actual hell out of me by giving me a “one time pass” for my birthday on the stipulation that she doesn’t want to know any of the details about it. After that I go back to complete monogamy – so assuming everything goes as planned at Sheri’s it truly will be a once in a lifetime experience.

    Thanks for any insight!



    I doubt it but bring it up to the lady anyway. Also what an understanding wife!

    Red Diamonds

    Hi Spanky, No worries, there is a difference between moles and STD’s. A visual difference that professional Courtesans can tell. I’m sure there won’t be any problems.


    Thank you! Very much appreciated.

    Angel Parr

    For the most part the ladies will recognize that its just a mole. As long as it doesn’t look odd you’ll be fine, so make sure you nick it! I would also suggest telling the girl when its DC time that you have a more and pointing it out for her so that she knows you are aware of it and that’s its nothing.

    baby bleu

    I agree that most ladies are able to distinguish the differences, & on another note; You hooked an ultimate Ringer with the wife; and reading ‘ monogamous relationship. .29 years’ has givin me new hope 🙂
    I hope everything went better than you expected!

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    Hasn’t happened yet – but I will be at the ranch on the 18th! And yes, the wife is a keeper! Just wish she would consider doing it together but it is not her thing and I respect that.

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