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    Have you been following us here at Sheri’s Ranch on Twitter?

    I know, I know! It seems as if social media is taking over the world. However, Twitter allows us ladies to post our own pics on a timely basis. It allows us to showcase our individual wit and offers a forum for communication when we are away from the Ranch.

    Please follow me on Twitter @BlueEyedMontana

    You can be a lurker! Just enjoy the show!!


    Montana: Hey, how could I NOT reply. I’m here, I follow, I enjoy you… every way I can. And I will until all the breath is out of me! But I know you need, deserve, other respondents. The ones that don’t know Montana, don’t have a clue what they miss! Maybe that’s a good thing for me?

    Just happened to go to the Forum tonight, in search of your Amazon wish listing name? Thought I’d seen it on here the last time I was on. Obviously I have a reason. We can share that information on Twitter.

    Also, sorry to learn tonight you didn’t pass the first voting for COY. When I’d learned you were nominated I wanted to vote, but discovered about the need to register earlier… hope you didn’t miss by just one vote.

    “When I kissed you girl I knew how sweet a kiss could be
    Like the summer sunshine pour your sweetness over me
    Ah Sugar, ah, Honey Honey
    You are my candy girl
    and you got me wanting you” The Archies 1969

    Persuasion File! Can’t wait to see you later….


    Thank you for enjoying me…and being such a giving soul. I am sure you found that my Wishlist on Amazon is under Montana (easy enough search huh?)

    And I thank you for your response to my Twitter posts. I do so enjoy sharing so many photos with you all. I guess I should really start a thread here on the Forum that also shares the photos for those who don’t want to add on another social media aspect to their play.

    However, like I have mentioned often, you can communicate with us even when we are away through our Twitter accounts. That ensures that if you are looking for our schedules or have questions, you can always be updated!

    Eva M

    I love this post Montana! I’m a big twitter user, I can continue to tweet and stay in touch even when I’m not at the ranch. It makes communicating easier given we don’t always have access to our emails while we’re away.


    I’m there! It’s been a lot of fun following all of you lovely ladies on Twitter 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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