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    Amber Lynn

    Deep down inside you know you have always been a bit curious as to what the perfect stripper name would be for you…So why not have a little fun with it!

    What’s your stripper name? Figure it out by using the name of your first pet as your first name, and the street you grew up on as your surname….It will either be fabulous and describe your naughty side to a tee…or a bit strange…either way let’s hear it!

    I will be the first one to share…are you ready for this…


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    Jeremy Lemur

    I’m Malemanstra Hayes and I’m here to give you a lap dance you’ll never forget…

    Amber Lynn

    Who names there first pet malemanstra?

    I will only allow a lap dance if you are rocking a feather boa…hot pink wig…fish net thigh highs…and sexy platform heels…


    I was wondering the same thing Jeremy…

    Mine would be Tabitha Black Diamond…trashy greatness


    Hi! I’m PRINCE LAMONT! Here for your dining, dancing and sexual pleasure. Get that face just a little closer and watch me grow!!!!

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    I suppose another thread might involve how you ladys select your professional names?

    Stumpy Wexford

    Stumpy Wexford – Ugh, that sounds… inadequate. Just for the record, I am neither stumpy, as in short or cut-off, or waxy. I wish I had a cool stripper name like Humpie McShady.


    She was wasn’t my first, but definitely my favorite… Manda Lafayette


    Mine would be Sammy Andromeda, but I think I’d use my username, haha.

    Mr. Incredible

    I agree with CandyAndy

    Mine would be Shadow Cornwall that doesn’t resemble me at all. However my username of Mr. Incredible does fit me perfect, like a glove. Compared to being a Lonely Vegetarian, even though I don’t eat beef. LOL

    Amber Lynn

    All the participation is FABULOUS!!!

    @Tabitha Black Diamond a.k.a. Allissa…trashy greatness is the sweet and innocent way possible! I thinks it’s perfect!

    @Prince Lamont a.k.a. Jazzmark…One could go so many ways with this very special name…all of which are naughty!

    @flint…you must share your stripper name with us!!! Pretty please…

    @Stumpy Wedford…I agree with the inadequate comment…but it does have a nice ring after saying it a few times!

    @Manda Lafayette a.k.a Schwalsr…all I see is a hot pink feather boa!!! LOL!

    @Sammy Andromeda a.k.a. CandyAndy…Andromeda sounds pretty cool, and kind of just rolls off your tongue…but I do prefer Candy Andy…it just sounds like a sweet piece of ass!

    @Shadow Cornwell a.k.a. Mr. Incredible…Although Shadow has a mysterious edge to it…Mr. Incredible fits you to the tee…from real life to stripping!

    All these names are amazing…and very appropriate too! Keep them coming!


    Amber I do not think that it applies at all. What do you think of Roxy Divine?


    Oh my goodness these stripper names are hilarious!! Tabitha Black Diamond, huh? I’ll have to remember that one next time we’re in a party together.. Ok so my stripper name is Peaches Greenbriar… Hehehe wow that just sounds bad… Have fun with that one Amber!! πŸ˜‰


    Dear Amber Lynn,

    My stripper name is “Freckles Madison” according to the criteria.

    When I take it all off the sensuous “Pinkmamba” is revealed in all his virile elegance. He personifies the ultimate in masculinity and he’s totally irresistible to the fairer sex in his cute little Barbie dress while adorned with passionate red lipstick!

    Amber Lynn, would you be scared to lap dance with the host unit to a Barbie cross-dresser? Don’t worry Pinkmamba has never bitten anyone yet; he doesn’t have fangs and he’s not venomous anyway (vasectomy victim). πŸ˜‰



    I would be Tuffy Bayard.

    Brings interesting thoughts to my mind as to how my dance sets would go!

    Kellie Love

    Tina Gilman! I can’t remember my pet goldfish’s name, who I had for about a week and died! So my first real pet was Tina Turner, a mutt who showed up at my house and never left!


    I always heard of this game as being your pornstar name? Anyway, mine is

    Keno Allerton

    The best one I ever (over)heard was from a group of people in a video store…. Coco Godown LMAO!

    John Doe

    Buck Naked


    They’d call me… Hans Starmont!

    Sounds like I’d be hitting the stage wearing lederhosen holding a bier stein and yodeling.


    We had two dogs when I was young so its either Max Winston or Bear Winston.

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