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    I just had my first experience at Sheri’s and I’m looking for honest opinions on where to go from here. It was my first time at a brothel, and I’m very inexperienced sexually. I had read the newbie guides on the forum and felt that would be all I needed to know. Still, I was extremely nervous when I arrived, my heart pounding before I even walked in. The feeling was amplified a bit as I stepped inside and realized I probably stuck out: I was by far the youngest person there. I felt a little isolated because of this, and decided I wouldn’t talk to anyone since I had made an appointment anyway. When the beautiful girl I made the appointment with arrived, I was still lost in my own thought and was unsure of the best way to go about this, besides being as honest as I could manage. We went right into the tour, and then to her room to discuss options. I was too nervous to really open up about what I was looking to get out of this experience, let alone what my fantasies are. Looking back, I didn’t really know what I wanted at the time. I wish I had slowed things down a bit beforehand, because once we were both back in the bar and had had a small conversation or two I wasn’t nervous anymore. I felt great and was happy to be there. To be able to do this with such a beautiful girl felt amazing! She was of course very personable and sweet, giving me that second chance to socialize which I don’t normally get after making an awkward first impression. The good vibes I got from Sheri’s lingered and I won big in Vegas! 😀 Anyways, I learned a lot and it was a very positive experience. And I know what I would try to improve upon if I were able to come back and learn more! I do still have a few questions, but most have been answered after coming back and really going through this site as I should have done originally.

    One question I still have that I’ll ask here is, and this likely varies from person to person, how much does an age gap affect a courtesan’s openness to conversation and possible requests? There were several girls at Sheri’s that I would have loved to talk to, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself or anyone else. I’m wondering if its better for someone of my age (I’m 22 but might look even younger to some) to just make an appointment rather than mingle in the bar or request a lineup. If you read this I’d really appreciate any type of input on any of it!


    i would talk to any lady i would want to. Tell them about your concerns about your age.Congratulations on your first party.


    Welcome Danny, sorry your first experience wasn’t everything you had hoped, but you’re definitely in the right place and you’ve learned from the first round.

    Now on to your question, I’m not sure why you would feel embarassed talking to any of the ladies in the bar, regardless of age. It really is just a number, especially at the ranch, nobody there is going to judge you. Men of all ages visit the ranch and talk to ladies of all ages, that’s one of the great things about it. I defintely wouldn’t recommend doing a lineup, if you have a few ladies in mind, tell the hostess when you arrive which ones you would like to visit with and then choose from there, if you don’t have a short list, the ladies will come to you until you find the right one. Additionally, there is no reason to be nervous as your talking to the lady about what you want during your party, there is an excellent chance whatever is on your mind they have heard or done many times before and if you don’t tell them then they can’t make it happen for you. Sheri’s is the place to make your dreams come true, it has happened for me many times, good luck!


    I guess I’ve been conditioned to a think certain way. Age, height, and looks I’ve always looked at as limiting factors. But yall are completely right, thanks for the reassurance

    Angel Parr

    Hello There,
    I just wanted to provide a ladies perspective for you. I obviously can’t speak for all the ladies but for the biggest part of us, age means absolutely nothing in here, assuming that you’re over 21 of course lol! The only thing that we care about is that you are a gentleman and mind the rules, as long as you treat us ladies with respect your age, height, weight, experience, and or martial status wont have any baring on how the ladies will react to you speaking with them. We are all here to ensure that our clients have the best time that we can provide, leave here with nothing more than happy memories, and are eager to come back!
    So on your next trip out here you should try doing the speed date in the bar as apposed to making an appointment, this way you can sit and relax for as long as you need to and will get a chance to meet all of the ladies, and let us put your concerns at bay!

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