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    Whether it was your 1st party, no party at all just visiting, or it was your first day as a lady and just seeing the doctor, let’s hear about your first time at Sheri’s.

    So my first day to Pahrump started as an unexpected drive in the Sheri’s limo. I didn’t do my research on where Pahrump was and how far it was from Vegas. I was thinking 15 minutes…not the case 🙂 Warren was my driver, anyone who knows him knows he is a great time made the ride easier. I was nervous and didn’t really know what I was getting myself into but was excited. Thinking I would walk in to a darker interior, trailers pushed together, and less inviting I was really pleased to feel comfortable at my new resort! Everything was so bright, beautiful, and big! As a lady you have to fill out a bunch of paperwork, then pick your room. The rooms are first come first serve, not knowing which is a better pick I got a random room and it was not available yet so I got to sleep in the infamous Bunk Room. Which is basically a room with 3 bunk beds where you stay till your room is ready, typically the next day. Seeing all the pretty girls was mesmerizing and building my excitement to “be one of them”. Kimber was my big sister who basically helps teach you the ropes your first trip. She is gorgeous and seemed busy a lot so we just had a quick conversation. I am pretty quiet and reserved so didn’t speak to many girls. I remember Angelica said she liked the plaid shirt I had on 😉 I had to wait to see the doctor in the tv room and then met Carol who was still a hostess (she is a bartender now) she did our orientation. It was just me and another lady who we will just say was special and not every lightbulb was on and it was funny to see how Carol responded to some of her special questions 🙂 once I figured out you could drink it was definitely needed to relax. I settled down with a mix beverage, watched tv, and observed my surroundings, saw a food fight in the kitchen, think half naked girls wrestling in soup, then it was time to pass out.


    My wife and I wanted to do something totally out of character to celebrate our 40th anniversary last October. After much back and forth we decided to do a threesome, but didn’t know how to make it happen in a safe and comfortable setting. We both did research and both came up with Sheris. I asked her to pick 3 ladies and I’d do the same. One lady made both lists and that is how we met Montana.

    After an evening in one of the bungalows with Montana we both knew we made the right choice. She made us both feel at ease and was very reassuring. This was the most wonderful experience we had shared in all the years we have been together. While both thought our sex life was fantastic, Montana took us to heights we never thought possible.

    We have been back to see her several times since and are planning 2 more trips this year. Montana is a fantastic lover and has become a dear friend. We wish we could visit her more often.


    What a way to celeberate! Montana is a good choice.
    Allissa thanks for your first time story. I cannot remember any details of my first time at the Ranch, although warren amkes the long trip easy to take.


    Great topic, Allissa! 🙂

    In late June, my wife and I flew to Southern California. This was my first trip west of the Mississippi River. After a week in L.A., we drove to Las Vegas for a two-night stay (June 20 and 21, 2014).

    My wife has severe spine problems, so she and I aren’t able to be intimate very often. She’s had 8 back surgeries, and some of her nerve damage has caused some issues that make intimacy difficult for her. My wife’s very open-minded, and she knew that I wanted to visit Sheri’s and she was 100% OK with it.

    I had selected Saturday, June 21, 2014 as my day to drive out to Pahrump from Vegas. After I showered, I told my wife that I had “cold feet” and I wasn’t sure if I could go through with it. She basically pushed me out the door of our room and said, “I’ll see you when you get back. Have fun.”

    So, I left the Aria hotel in my rented Audi, and I drove to Pahrump. As Pahrump got closer, I got more nervous. I also drove slower. I stopped at Terrible’s Lakeside Casino to get gas for my car, and to try and calm down a little. After a 4 or 5-minute break, I got back in my car and drove the last few minutes to Sheri’s.

    I arrived at 10:30 AM or so, and I parked and walked into the Sports Bar. Upon entering, I was greeted by a very friendly hostess. I didn’t catch her name, but she was brand new there (I think that she said it was her 4th day on the job).

    I told the hostess that I was nervous and needed a while at the bar. She asked me if I wanted to chat with a lady, and I told her that I needed a while to calm down. She invited me to sit at the bar, and I ordered a Corona. Carol was the bartender, and she was really nice!

    I was so nervous that I was visibly shaking my beer when I’d pick it up to drink. I am pretty sure that both hostesses noticed this because both went out of their way to check on me. I had a pleasant conversation with both of them.

    Toward the end of my first beer (I only had two beers; I never drink too much), another hostess (I didn’t catch her name, either), came over to me and asked me if I wanted to chat with a lady. I told her, “Yes.” And, I asked whether Emma was available.

    I was delighted to hear that Emma was, in fact, available, but she wasn’t out of bed yet. The hostess told me that she’d check with Emma, and let me know. After a few minutes, the hostess told me that Emma would be out in 20 minutes.

    In about 15 minutes, Emma came out to meet me at the bar. We had a pleasant conversation, and then went back to party.

    I posted a review of Emma on her profile, and also a review on the “Share An Experience” board. I had a wonderful time and Emma is a very lovely lady. At the end of my time with Emma, she looked at me and said something like, “Well, you look a lot more relaxed now. You were shaking before!”.

    Emma did a wonderful job helping me relax and I could not have asked for a better experience. I’m actually headed back to see Emma later this month.


    P.S. I just sent you a FB friend request to Allissa Sheri’s Ranch


    My first time at Sheri’s was really my FIRST time. I was 63. I’m still weak-kneed and it was over a year ago.


    Thanks for sharing your stories! I love being apart of a first time experience. Even giving tours to educate everyone about brothels and my job. I think everyone needs to visit Sheri’s at least once to open their outlook and sexual horizons!


    @MR_TN I got your request 🙂 Thanks for being a friend!


    @Allissa Thank you for accepting my friend-request. 🙂

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    @Allissa Its very nice that you shared. I find a courtesan’s first experience at a legal brothel very engaging to learn about.

    My first experience happens to have occurred exactly one year ago to this night, so I’ll share a bit of my story. I had made up my mind that I was ready to lose my virginity and was really excited about the thought. I researched some of the legal Nevada brothels online and found Sheri’s which seemed to be the most reputable and I felt most comfortable about since it was closest to Las Vegas. I set out at about 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening without a clue as what to expect.

    Upon arrival, my entire body was betaken by nerves. I entered the bar and went directly to the ATM in an attempt to get more cash out and was having trouble since I had withdrew some earlier that day (I assumed it would be cash only transactions). Then, a very nice blonde lady approached me and I informed her that it was my first time at a brothel. (I was too ashamed at the time to admit I had also never had sex). She took me over to the bar and asked what I was “bringing to the table,” to which I had to clarify because I was scared she was referring to my sexual performance!

    I had a few ladies I was interested in, but none of them were available by the time I arrived. She tried to get a hold of some of the ladies for me and one of them, she told me, had needed to leave unexpectedly that night. I was a little disappointed and my doubts were accumulating, but she helped me find someone. When she told me that the lady she recommended was getting ready and would be out soon, it really hit me that what was happening and my nerves escalated through the roof.

    A few long minutes passed before the red curtains parted, and through them walked an incredible gorgeous brunette woman in a red outfit and heels. She sat next to me at the bar and I quite nearly couldn’t speak. I didn’t verbalize that I was still a virgin until after I had already began undressing her during our party at which time she finally asked me. My head dropped in shame as I answered. She helped me every step of the way, though, and by the time we finished, she pointed out that the sun was rising. I thought that added to the magic, but I still felt bad that I had awaken her. Nonetheless, she was sweet and made light jokes to appease me, and I felt that there wasn’t a better person to share the moment with.

    The whole experience completely blew me away. Very little followed suit with my dreaded expectations and more aligned with my hopeful desires.


    Ah yes, my de-“virgin”-izing first visit to Sheri’s Ranch. Made it from downtown LV to Pahrump in less than 50 minutes, then spent 15 minutes driving in circles, thinking “I’m ready for this … no I’m not… yes, I am…” Finally bucked up the courage and went into the bar for stiff drink. Went on a tour with the first lady to approach me and was hoping for an easy negotiation. It happened… sort of. She wasn’t anywhere near my ballpark, so I was walked. Returned to the parlor and had a quick chat with the madam. Met one of the more (justly)famous, and unfortunately recently retired, ladies whose smile put me at ease. This time, the negotiation was a piece of cake. Even though I never told her I was a virgin, I’m certain that she knew. My staring at her as she disrobed and not really reacting as she pulled me on to the bed probably had something to do with that ;P. When we returned to the bar post-party, the other ladies just giggled and smiled at me. Another one bites the dust! My giddy, loopy smile must have been even bigger and dopier looking than I figured it would be.


    This is a great thread and should be saved off or made into a sticky. Too bad that i cannot contribute any details.


    I agree Flint 🙂

    @Alissa – thank you for starting this. I may not have made my first trip yet, but reading other peoples stories really does put me at ease

    the 3rd degree

    Seeing all these stories made me remember my first time at Sheri’s. In ’02, I was in radio at that time, doing research for my morning show about Nevada’s brothel industry. I popped into Sheri’s website at the time & got intrigued by the ladies, of course; also at that time, I wasn’t ready to engage sexually. But I was heading out to Vegas later for a vacay anyway, so I kept it in mind. So when I hit Sin City & did all the usual stuff there, within reason, I made a choice to visit Sheri’s on my last day. After about five grueling minutes in their parking lot, I popped in through the bar doors, wondering what I got myself into. Luckily the bartender at the time, Janey, eased my uncertainty with a smile, a warm greeting & most of all, let me ease myself into Sheri’s world.

    The usual stuff happened, drinks on my stool at the bar, ladies appeared wondering who I was, until a smooth chocolate-skinned beauty started talking with me. I think her name was “Skylar”. Anyway, we talked for a little bit, then she moved on to let others have a shot. Maybe it was just to check in on me, but when she appeared a second time, that’s when I made the decision to venture beyond the curtain. She was pleasant & understanding as we went through the process (tour, negotiation, actual encounter…)

    I’ve been back to Vegas every year since then, making Sheri’s a must stop, & for three of those years, I stayed at their resort I affectionately call “The Lion’s Den”. I haven’t been back to Sheri’s since my last visit in ’12 & things may have changed a lot since then, but if the heavens allow, I’ll make another visit. ’til then, I’ll just be a lurker from up north, keeping abreast of what’s happening at the end of Homestead Road.

    Hope that’s this wasn’t too wordy…


    I love hearing everyone’s experiences. Thanks so much for sharing! Ladies…. Don’t be shy!!!


    More stories would be better for the sticky.

    Dr. Who

    Cool topic, Allissa! It’s been awhile, since I’ve posted on the forum (I’ve been in lurker mode for quite awhile …LOL). Although, I use be a regular poster on the old Sheri’s forum.

    Anywho, I’ve been visiting the brothels since 2000, but my first official visit to Sheri’s was back in the 2003. A group of members from the old NV Brothels board decided to meet up at Sheri’s over the Memorial Day weekend in 2003. As I recall, the folks in attendance were Dex, Cronos, Fastweb, Shooter, Sportsman, Mr. Florida, Buckygodot, Bustlover, and me (Dr. Who).

    If there are any old timers who are still on the Sheri’s board, they may remember that we called it the “Posse Gathering”. None of the ladies from back then are still working at Sheri’s, but I still have fond memories of partying with Girlie. 🙂

    I was at Sheri’s this past May (over Memorial Day) to meet up with a friend for drinks. Unfortunately, I caught a cold so I postpone any partying until a future trip. Now, I need to plan another trip to make up for the lost time …LOL.


    This is a great post Alissa.

    My first time coming to Sheri’s was unsuccessful i drove in the parking lot in 2002 and left. Lol my second time trying to come a friend that worked here flaked on her trip so I cancelled mine the third and final try was successful. I was picked up by kristoff he’s a talker. I heard all about Sheri’s and the girls on my drive up both the good and the bad. Seeing as this was not my first go found in a brothel I had many thoughts of things I had heard of Sheri’s back in the days. Many clients I had know from other places that frequented here said I would hate it here, needless to say I was quite nervous about actually arriving. As we hit homestead and the street light became obsolete I began to get anxious wondering if we were ever going to make it. When I arrived my friend was here to welcome me, I have to say it made it much easier for me. I met our hostess the next day her name is Alethea she was just my speed. It was very funny she was giving us the house tour and speaking to me as if I were very new to the industry she eventually said you seem to know what you’re doing, and started focusing her attention on the other girls. I miss her so much wish she never left us. I remember thinking wow this place really cares for the ladies during her explanations of procedures. I was truly comforted by her as well as Dena, she had just returned from leave and her blue eyes and genuine spirit made me feel like I’ve made it home. She over the next few days took the time to sit individually with the batch of new girls getting to know us. It made me realize that I was in a place that cared who I actually was and not only about the money I can produce. Anyway I stayed 2 weeks for my first visit and with each day it only got Better and better. So thanks to all of the staff around here you all do a thankless job but please know I appreciate all of you and am proud to be apart of the Sheri’s family.

    Brittney Ryder

    My first day at Sheri’s was a new Beginning to lifelong friendships and everlasting experiences.

    On my drive here, my friend kept saying, “Are you sure you want to do this?” With a goofy grin, somewhat resembling a smile and a smirk, I consistently replied, “If I don’t, I’ll always wonder if I could.”

    I unloaded my bags, walked up to the parlor door and rang the doorbell. Butterflies filled my stomach as I wasn’t sure what to expect. My adrenaline was getting the best of my nerves. I was excited, nervous and apprehensive. Those few moments of deep breaths before the door opened seemed like eternity. Finally, I was greeted by Aleatha, and she took me to the back office to fill out my paperwork.

    I didn’t really know what to do from there. I was briefly shown the Kitchen, the computer room, our gym, and then I sat down on a couch in our TV room. I had my phone with no reception, a bottle of water, the TV and remote. Finally, a lady walked in, then another, and another. All of them super nice.

    My first day in the bar I was introduced to Smoothtalker and Maverick. In middle of our conversation, this red light kept flashing. Oh no a lineup. I had never seen a lineup in person. I was so nervous.

    We all walk out into the Parlor. I was third to introduce myself. At the end of the introductions, I was picked. “Oh, sh*@, now what” is all I could think. Sami went back with me to do the negotiations. Thank goodness because I had no idea what to do. During the negotiations it came out that I had never done anything like this prior to that day. I booked the party, came back into the room. The gentleman sitting at the end if the bed, I’m pretty sure I was more nervous than he was. I’m also pretty sure he could read it all over my face. We talked for a bit, then he said, “How about we just enjoy the fresh air outside for the next hour and we’ll call it even”.

    So the next hour I had a wonderful conversation. 🙂 To that gentleman: Thank you and if you remember me, please come back and see me and let’s have the party you initially came into have that day.

    A special thanks to Amber (my big sister), Sami, Smooth_talker, Maverick, and my first client. Without the five of you, I don’t know that I would be as happy or as successful as I am today.


    I love all the stories so far! Whether it be the ladies’ or the clients’, they are all good! I’m especially touched so far by Mr_TN’s story. And Brittney, your story is hilarious and triumphant. I cheered for you and your clairvoyant and understanding client!

    I would love to


    yes these stories are informative and maybe reveal somethings about the narrator.

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