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5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Legal Prostitute

In my numerous years as a legal courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked why I do what I do. The wider question comes from all fronts – clients, of course, but also tourists visiting Sheri’s Ranch as well as friends, family and people who I meet in passing.

The majority of my clients enter my world because they are seeking something missing from their personal lives. Not sure what to expect from the sex-for-sale trade, they arrive at Sheri’s with some serious misconceptions only to be pleasantly surprised. Others, particularly couples, are looking to explore their sexuality in a defined and safe setting. These men and women – many who I’ve become quite close with both physically and emotionally – often come to have a great and genuine appreciation for the breadth of “services” offered through legal prostitution and to gain an understanding of why someone like me would love what she does. After all, it’s not just about sex, and they get that.

It is the larger public that seems tawdrily fascinated by my chosen profession (so much sex and sin, so taboo!) plus their decidedly off-mark perception that most “working-girls” are at best reticent about their trade; many people assume I work this trade out of necessity or desperation, perhaps even coercion.  Not the case at all.

So, why would a good-looking, college-educated woman of established professional success make the leap from boardroom to bedroom?  If you care to hear, read on.

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1. I Love Sex!

There, I said it. Yes, I LOVE sex. More than I ever did before. Is that a bad thing? I think not. Generally speaking it’s assumed and socially accepted that men love and need sex.  But for a woman to so openly embrace her love of the loins even in contemporary Western times is considered crude at the very least by many.  But the fact is that I do adore and crave sex. To me it’s a passionate and personal thing, even in a brothel setting; every day I learn more about myself, my desires and fears, my perception of myself and those around me.  My body has felt and done things I never even imagined. I get to play and explore in a secure haven and I allow others to do that, too. I’ve embarked on a sexual odyssey and it is fantastically exciting.

Plus, I remember being told a long time ago that if you enjoy what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Welcome to my world!

2.  I get paid – well – to be bad

I won’t lie. I get a kick out of making a healthy living out of doing what many scorn but secretly desire to do. I get paid to be a bad girl, a “slut”, a “whore”. In so doing I fulfill my own fantasies but I enable others to live out theirs, too. As I say in my Sheri’s Ranch profile, “I believe that every real man needs a bad girl to allow him to release his inner bad boy”.  Oh, and I enjoy bringing the inner bad girl out in a female lover, too.

Don’t you wish you got paid handsomely to be a societal renegade? Plus I consider myself a true lady. Contradictory? Perhaps to some but not to me and not to most lovers I’ve made over the years.

3. People open up to me on the most personal of levels

People reveal so much to me – their bodies, deepest fears, darkest fantasies, sweetest desires. I am a keeper of secrets. I make fantasies come true. I am part lover, part therapist.

Sex is a bridge to emotions. Sometimes a simple touch is all a person needs to feel the ability to let his guard down about a hang-up. At times a kiss to the neck allows someone else to just release and cry while I hold her. How cathartic. And then we get to the deep sexual fantasies…. What do they mean? Why do we like that of all things? Very frightening sometimes but less so when someone you trust and who isn’t judging you is there by your side. And then it becomes intoxicating.  But beyond the sex it’s about true friendship and connection. Secrets shared, connections made. I mean that.

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4. I change lives

Little did I know that when I got into this profession I would have such a markedly positive impact on so many lives. Yes, of course, there are the gents who come in for and get mind blowing sexual pleasure (please don’t ever stop coming to see me – I love you guys!!!!!) but I’m talking about the “above and beyond”, as well. To recall just a few:

  • The couple who later admitted to me that they had been on the verge of divorce and who thanked me for doing more to bring them back together than any marriage counselor had done.
  • The gent who came in a broken soul on his birthday following a tragic multi-year string of events who left later that day smiling, very alive and vowing to be back soon.
  • The one who let me be his first. That means a lot to me.

5. I’m a free agent

I set my own schedule. I determine what sort of activities I wish to engage in and with whom. As an independent contractor I decide what I want to do and when I want so long as I treat the patrons, house and profession with respect. Hard to find elsewhere, and I know, because I’ve worked in vastly different sectors.  I could go on about my unexpected love for this lifestyle/job. Rather, I’ll leave you with three parting thoughts that might have you daydreaming about being a working girl at Sheri’s:

  • I’m (rarely) late for work because my daily commute is down the hallway.
  • My clothes always fit (the magic of Lycra).
  • Ever day is an adventure. Truly. And therein is the magic.

Keep tuning in, I’ll have a lot more to blog on in coming weeks.  In the meantime I would love your feedback on this post. Leave me a comment below…

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