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Let’s Talk Sex – First Time at a Legal Brothel

Las Vegas is notorious for its gambling, fine dining, impeccable shopping, and a lively night life. When in Vegas, a trip out to Pahrump to visit Sheri’s Ranch should definitely be on the list of things to do. It will by far be the highlight of your trip, hands down!

You will find Nevada’s premier licensed brothel at the end of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I can assure you that once you arrive you will find an oasis in the middle of the desert, where all your wildest fantasies become reality. Upon your arrival you are faced with several options that may seem a bit overwhelming. Do you ring the doorbell of the main door or walk causally into the bar door? Do you opt for a line-up or have a cocktail in the bar and mingle with a variety of ladies? While these choices can be mind-boggling, remember you are about to indulge in a wildly erotic experience…breathe…it will be fabulous!

If you are still a bit nervous and reserved after reading my introduction, I will walk you through exactly what to expect on your inaugural brothel visit. It’s time to let all your inhibitions go, escape reality, and have some naughty fun!

Ring the bell

If you ring the doorbell, you will be welcomed into the parlor by a hostess asking if you have ever been to the ranch before, and if you have an appointment with a certain lady or request to see a special someone. If so she will give you the option to either wait in the parlor for the lady, or go to the bar and grab a cocktail while she summons her. I know more options….breathe! On the other hand if you do not have anyone special in mind she will brief you on the rules and procedures, and give you yet another choice of either a line-up (which I will explain in depth a bit later), or the bar…Breathe, both are fabulous, depending on the type of experience you are thinking about.

Walk right in…to the bar

Upon entering the bar you will be greeted by the hostess, asking if you have an appointment or request. If you have a scheduled appointment or request to see a certain gal the hostess will let the lady know that you are eagerly awaiting her company in the bar. She will also inform the other ladies in the bar that you are waiting for someone, thus we are not to approach you. It’s not that you are being ignored by all of us sexy gals, a common misconception. We would love to chat with you, but rules are rules. Just sit back, relax, and savor the luscious scenery as you patiently await her arrival!

On the contrary, if you are venturing into the bar blindsided, and have told the hostess you would like to meet the ladies, prepare to be “a kid in the candy store!” Once you have spoken to the hostess and have settled in with a cocktail, all of us gorgeous gals will begin to approach you. I hope that you have a good memory and take notes. You will need them when it comes time to make your final decision. As the ladies start to trickle over to you to introduce themselves, it will seem like speed dating. You have ten minutes to engage in conversation with each of us lovely ladies. You are not obligated to meet all of us if you find yourself making a connection with someone special. Breathe…and remember personality is key!

The Line-Up

Sometimes walking into a bar full of eagerly exquisite ladies waiting for you can be a bit staggering. In this case, after the hostess greets you with a brief introduction, politely ask her for a line-up. When you request a line-up, the hostess will seat you on the couch in the parlor while she notifies the ladies. As she calls for us gals over the intercom, red lights will flash and bells will ring. We have three minutes to do our last minute touch-ups before the festivities begin. The three minutes it takes to call all the gals for a line-up, will seem like the longest three minutes of your life. Again, breathe…you are about to have upwards of fifteen scantily clad vixens before you, intently waiting for you to choose them. After three minutes have passed, the hostess will call the ladies from the left and right to enter the parlor. We then begin introducing ourselves one by one. After all is said and done, the hostess will ask you which lovely lady you choose. It can be a bit mesmerizing watching all of us parade in front of you, so if you don’t remember our names we will not be offended. Once you have made your decision you will accompany your lady to her room, and the fun will begin! Breathe…

The Tour

Your decision has been made, either through mingling in the bar or a line-up; the tough part is over. The lady you have chosen to spend quality time with will escort you down the hall, stopping to show you all of our specialty rooms along the way: NURU room, Jacuzzi room, bubble bath room, and dungeon. We also have various themed bungalows and of course Playland: an entire building dedicated to fantasy and role play. The tour of the ranch will have your wheels spinning, leaving you with fantasies you never imagined possible.

The Negotiation

When you enter the ladies room she will call the office to let them know she is entertaining a guest. Now’s the part where we take care of business: the negotiation. All expectations of your sexual fantasy experience are laid out; everything from amount of time, desired activities, and budget. Everyone has a preconceived notion that this is the most difficult part of your experience. Let me not lie, sometimes it can be a bit intimidating, but breathe…after this clothes go flying!

Dick Check

After you and your lovely lady have agreed on the “terms” of your party, you have one last obstacle to overcome: the dick check (checking you penis for visible signs of STD’s.) So prepare to drop your pants for a brief inspection. As you may know, Sheri’s Ranch is a legal, safe, and discrete establishment. For everyone’s safety as well as ours, I am sure you can understand and appreciate it. Breathe…it may be cold!

Clothes Go Flying

Finally, after the process of choosing the perfect woman to play with, negotiating, and dropping your pants for inspection, it is time for your clothes to go flying! Have fun!

Your visit to Sheri’s Ranch will definitely be an unforgettable experience, leaving you wanting more and planning your second visit, and hopefully this blog has been beneficial as to what to expect when you do make you first trip. Remember, you can always check our profiles online and email us prior to your visit. The comment section and forum is another fabulous way to connect with us too. You will have a blast, and don’t forget: connection and personality are key!


Amber Lynn from Sheri’s Ranch

Got questions about visiting a legal brothel for the first time? Leave a comment below and Amber or another Sheri’s lady will answer it…

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