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Losing Your Virginity at a Nevada Brothel – Things You Should Know

It may seem daunting, admitting to a working girl at a legal brothel that you are an adult virgin seeking to have sex for the first time. Some men disclose it to their chosen lady prior to their arrival via email or private message, some utter it in nervous whispers when they first meet their deflowerer, and others don’t even mention it, preferring to keep that part private until the end of our session — or even forever. The fact is that countless virgins of all ages, orientations, and walks of life enter Sheri’s Ranch each day with the intention of ditching their v-card once and for all, and each one leaves knowing more about himself, prepared to face the outside world as a new man — or perhaps the same man, but with more confidence and a better understanding of how to do the deed.

Bunnie from Sheri’s Ranch wants to be your first time

For ages, humans have regarded “popping one’s cherry” as a coming of age, a rite of passage. For guys it means you’re ready to go out and conquer the world. For gals it means you’ve blossomed from girlhood to womanhood – or something like that. But what if, instead, we consider losing our virginity as just a thing that we do when we’re ready to do it, with whomever (consentingly) fits the bill? That’s what girls like myself, who specialize in punching v-cards, are here for. We’re here to remind you that sex is sex is sex and losing your virginity should only be a big deal if you want it to be, society be damned.

You see, there’s this wonderful thing about sex workers – prostitutes in particular. We are here to teach, not to take. That means, when I welcome you into my room, I am here to let you explore my body and yours, to let you ask me questions, to show you what feels good for both of us and to explain why some things work the way they do. I’m here to allow you to experiment, to try what you’ve always wanted with someone who is experienced enough to know how to take the pieces of your fantasy and lace them together into a beautiful, seamless moment you’ll never forget. And even beyond that, I’m here as a sounding board for you to bounce ideas off of so you’re prepared when you meet someone you’re ready to get into bed with. When you join me in bed, I will be objective, honest, and selflessly devoted to guiding you through the beautiful garden of your sexuality.

Many thoughts will pass through your mind when you come to see a girl like me. A lot of people think that prostitutes are paid to make you think you’re doing well, regardless of your actual performance. This is a big concern, especially for virgins. You want to know that what you’re doing here will please your future sexual partner or partners. You want to know that you’re doing it right. Think of it this way… I have nothing to gain from leading you astray. But you have everything to gain from taking my advice and using this as a constructive and explorative – and liberating – experience.

There are other minor concerns, like the all-too-common worry about performance, premature orgasms, elusive orgasms, and so on. If you have ED, your doctor can prescribe medication or look into other remedies. ED is an early sign of heart disease and other major problems, so always get that one checked out. I also encourage my newbies to avoid masturbation and porn for at least two weeks prior to our meeting. This ensures that their horniness will counteract any nerves that might keep them from getting it up. And if you’re worried about cumming early? The great thing is guys who come quickly also recover quickly, and that means there will be plenty of time for round two!

Lastly, many clients are worried about making sure the lady enjoys her time. The cool thing about sex workers is that we absolutely make sure we like what it is you’re doing. We’ll let you know if we don’t like what is happening, but even more so we will coach you on how to make the act pleasurable for us and all your future partners. Some tips to ease your nerves? Keep your thrusts even and rhythmic – never just shove it in there, ease it in nice and slow. Nipples and boobs are fun, but don’t try to crush them. Soft, gentle caresses are appreciated by almost anyone you’ll end up in the sack with. One last tip from an expert: always ask if something is okay. At Sheri’s, we discuss boundaries before we jump into bed with you, but there isn’t always time for that in the real world. When you’re with your future partners, in the heat of the moment, always ask if it’s okay to put your hand here, to switch to a different position, to kiss this one spot…

So if you’re looking to lose it, a licensed Nevada brothel like Sheri’s is the place to go. Nerves are expected at the beginning, but you’ll realize how easy it is to be around us and enjoy an experience without worrying about any of those things buzzing around your head right now. Once we’re together, the whole world just kind of fades away. Don’t believe me? Shoot me an email and let’s talk about it!

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